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IPTP Networks is a leading System Integrator, Tier-1 single-homed network (AS 3356), Internet Service Provider (AS 41095) and Software Development group of companies operating worldwide with offices in Limassol (Cyprus), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), New York (USA), Moscow, Novorossiysk (Russia), Hong Kong (SAR of China), Lima (Peru), São Paulo (Brazil), La Paz (Bolivia) and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).

Originally founded in Cyprus (1996) as a System Integrator, after 8 years of successful development, the company IPTP Networks (2004) grew up into a major international group and a world-class organization. We operate a global backbone as a Tier-1-class-network Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing connectivity through 175+ ON-NET data centers worldwide.


Europe:  Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novorossiysk (Russia); Sofia (Bulgaria); Athens (Greece); Paris,  Marseilles (France); Frankfurt (Germany); Milan (Italy); Amsterdam (the Netherlands); Bucharest (Romania); Madrid (Spain); Stockholm (Sweden); Zürich (Switzerland); Kiev (Ukraine); London, Slough (UK); Nicosia, Limassol (Cyprus)

Americas: Toronto (Canada); Ashburn (VA); Atlanta (GA); Dallas (TX), Denver (CO); Chicago (IL); Honolulu* (HI); Guam (Western Pacific Ocean); Miami (FL); New York (NY); Los Angeles (CA); San Jose (CA); Seattle (WA); Washington (DC); São Paulo, Fortaleza* (Brazil); Lima (Peru); Santa Cruz, La Paz (Bolivia)

Asia: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen (China), Hong Kong; Taipei (Taiwan); Singapore; Seoul (South Korea);  Tokyo (Japan); Mumbai (India); Jakarta (Indonesia); Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); Bangkok (Thailand); HCMC, Hà Nội (Vietnam); Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

Middle East: Dubai, Fujairah (UAE); Manama (Bahrain)

Oceania: Sydney (Australia); Auckland (New Zealand)

Africa: Johannesburg (South Africa)


IPTP Networks

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