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NetFoundry - Software as a Service connectivity, at scale, without the constraints and pain of VPNs or the burden of hardware and private circuits.

Today, businesses need to act quickly to meet evolving customer demands in order to maintain a competitive edge. Applications and their underlying development processes have to be rearchitected for speed, agility, and innovation. Unfortunately, legacy networks and connectivity models were not designed to support the modern application environment. They make deployments complex. They slow down time-to-market. They stifle innovation.

Leveraging NetFoundry’s network as code solution enables you to establish private connectivity without expensive hardware, private circuits, and long-term contracts. You build your network in either a web interface, or in command line, or by leveraging APIs - all in three steps and in under ten minutes.

A NetFoundry network gives you:

AGILITY - Instantly spin up and rapidly scale software-only private networks across the Internet with cloud-native endpoints designed to seamlessly integrate with any platform, including identity management and common DevOps tools.

SIMPLICITY - NetFoundry eliminates the headaches and complexities of traditional networks and VPNs by enabling you to spin up easily managed overlay networks while NetFoundry optimizes and manages the middle mile network and all of its supporting infrastructure.

SECURITY - NetFoundry secures applications over any set of networks and clouds. NetFoundry enforces least privileged access policies, and provides identity-secured, IAM-integrated connectivity in a Zero Trust architecture.

PERFORMANCE - NetFoundry's network control fabric, deployed in major public clouds, data centers, and network POPs, optimizes data flow across the Internet, delivering 3-5x performance gains over plain Internet and traditional VPNs, assuring exceptional quality of experience (QoE) using a multi-faceted approach.

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