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PacketFabric is a provider of next-generation Ethernet-based cloud networking services. PacketFabric’s fully automated network platform enables instantaneous, direct and secure provisioning of terabit-scale connectivity between any locations on the PacketFabric network.

PacketFabric’s any-to-any SDN-powered network facilitates coast-to-coast connectivity between 118 premier carrier-neutral colocation facilities across 11 U.S. markets. The platform delivers hundreds of terabits per second of on-demand connectivity across its purpose-built private backbone network. This innovative architecture enables customers to easily procure and maintain network services in real-time, while reaching hundreds of destinations without the need to deploy and manage costly infrastructure, or rely on the public internet. PacketFabric customers can also dynamically design and quickly deploy any network configuration leveraging an advanced Application Program Interface (API) and web-based portal for unmatched visibility and control over their network traffic and services. Real-time analytics and interactive troubleshooting capabilities allow PacketFabric to offer the robustness of a packet-switched network, while ensuring consistent and reliable performance.


  • Cost Effective - Easily reach many thousands of networks, without needing costly infrastructure.
  • Scalable - Our platform is designed to scale to millions of VCs, across thousands of endpoints.
  • Rapid Provisioning - Users can provision, configure, and troubleshoot virtual circuits within seconds.
  • High Bandwidth - Designed to deliver high-density multi-terabit Nx100GbE services, and built on our state-of-the-art DWDM infrastructure, delivering 19.2 Tbps per fiber pair.
  • Secure - Each virtual circuit is completely isolated and secure against interception or injection.
  • Measurable - Traffic is precisely measurable on each VC, delivering billing-grade data.
  • Supports Advanced Features - Platform provides complete support for advanced features such as larger MTUs, Q-in-Q, QoS, MAC filtering, and packet filtering.



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