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About STN

STN team of experts create custom on-premise and private cloud environments with sophisticated and reliable automation, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Backup - Reliable and cost effective

As data grows, so too does the cost and risk of managing it. Our system not only provides cost effective, fast and automated backups, it verifies and ensures data integrity every step of the way. After all, what good is a backup that can’t be restored?


Disaster Recovery - Fast, flexible and automated

The longer it takes to recover from a disaster, the worse things become. Not only do we achieve near zero RTO by bringing compute directly next to your backed-up data, but we provide the flexibility to build complete application environments to quickly return your team to production.

Archive - Cost effective and cloud agnostic

With today’s technology, longterm retention of cold data shouldn’t be so expensive and time consuming. We cut down the cost of antiquated archival services by automatically offloading cold data to lower

ROBO - Quickly restore your entire office

For every hour a remote office is down, company costs and frustrations rise. Our ROBO as a service (RaaS) automatically creates entire office environments that can be spun up near instantly when disaster strikes, allowing your team to get back to production, fast.

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