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Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Year founded

About Unitas Global

Unitas Global utilizes leading cloud technologies to optimize enterprise IT environment. By designing, deploying, and managing infrastructure globally, we enable clients to focus on their business. All of our solutions are backed by our end-to-end SLA and delivered on a monthly OpEx basis. We are technology, carrier and location-agnostic.


  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, California
  • 100+ Employees, Contractors and Specialists
  • Access to 130+ data centers globally

Services Sold:

  • Enterprise Hybrid Cloud
  • Managed Services
  • Cloud Advisory
  • Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC)
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Managed Public Cloud
  • Service Desk

Why Clients Love Unitas:


Our client first approach allows us to provide a very personal level of service. Our team becomes an extension of your IT team.


We are completely technology agnostic, selecting the best solution for every client environment. Our cloud infrastructure integrates with legacy systems currently deployed in our clients’ existing environments.


With operations on nearly every continent, and the ability to deploy and manage cloud solutions in any jurisdiction, Unitas deploys services wherever we’re needed – not where we happen to already be.


Unitas understands the inherent challenges faced by the modern enterprise – and we design and manage cloud infrastructure accordingly.

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