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Satellite Internet
Petaluma, CA
Year founded

About X2nSat

X2nSat is an enterprise- and government-specific communications service provider. Our ingenious team of in-house experts develops solutions for enterprises, IT, rural telephony, maritime, utilities, pipelines and other mission-critical applications for any industry. We deliver complete turnkey satellite systems including design, integration, testing, installation, and operations. Browse our website at to explore our wide range of solutions and applications for a variety of industries, and feel free to contact us with any questions via the chat function or through our direct phone line.

X2nSat provides solutions to companies that depend on access to their key data and voice systems when landline communications are lost. With more than 18 years in the satellite communications industry, our firm is uniquely positioned to exploit the growing trend towards satellite communications as the only viable system in remote areas and backup solutions in suburban areas. X2nSat’s satellite networks are so reliable – with each point having built-in redundancy and backup – we can confidently assure any client, from public utilities to Fortune 500 corporations, that they will have the most reliable connections and data capacities anywhere in North America and beyond.

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