The CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange

A one-to-many Ethernet connection to the cloud, purpose-built for the delivery of cloud-based IT resources and applications.

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One Connection. Countless Opportunities.

The true value of a cloud exchange resides in the ecosystem of service providers on that exchange, and how easy it is to connect to those providers. Established in 2013, the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange® is one of the first exchange platforms of its kind, built to virtually unite enterprises, networks and cloud service providers, enabling direct access to leading private and public cloud service providers, along with network and IT solution providers including AWSMicrosoft Azure, and Alibaba Cloud.

How It’s Different

Unlike using the public Internet, the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange establishes direct, secure, virtual connections—enabling more control, reliability and security for your data. This allows you to deliver your data more efficiently, all with guaranteed throughput and reduced latency. Additionally, our user-friendly online portal allows on-demand access for CoreSite customers to interface directly to virtual cloud environments. Through individualized portals, customers maintain control of data in real time, providing the scalability and elasticity essential for cloud applications.

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Connect Across the U.S.

Through the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange, you can connect your national presence and simplify your multi-cloud or multi-site network configuration. SDN connectivity between different CoreSite markets is an ideal solution for customers that have multiple CoreSite deployments or need cloud region diversity. With Inter-site connectivity, you can improve your multi-region cloud architecture with no long-term commitments and control it all through the CoreSite portal.

Benefits of Joining the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange®


  • Guaranteed Throughput - High bandwidth network connections offer guaranteed throughput and lower latency
  • Increased Security - Direct connections offer private network isolation
  • Improved Control - Directly manage connections in near real time through the online self-service portal
  • Ecosystem Access - Single port allows users to establish multiple virtual interfaces with our growing community
  • National Reach - Utilize Inter-site connectivity to provision SDN connections across multiple CoreSite markets


  • Expand Service Offerings - Take advantage of CoreSite’s direct connectivity partnerships to leading service providers
  • Grow Revenue - Take advantage of the hybrid cloud market and meet the demand for direct connectivity solutions
  • Reduce Costs - Eliminate the need for dedicated ports with the ability to access multiple providers over one port
  • Expanded Reach - Utilize Inter-site connectivity to expand service offerings to new regions

Cloud Providers

  • Expand Your Customer Base - Increase addressable market and attract new business
  • Enterprise Access - Reach remote enterprises via the robust ecosystem of network service and SDN providers
  • Improve Connectivity - Improve network performance with guaranteed throughput and lower latency
  • Simplify Your Business - Simplify onboarding and reach customers through a single network interface

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