The CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange

A one-to-many Ethernet connection to the cloud, purpose-built for the delivery of cloud-based IT resources and applications.

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One Connection. Countless Cloud Options.

The CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange® is an Ethernet switching product enabling private virtual connections for direct cloud access, all with near real-time provisioning. Established in 2013, the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange® is one of the first exchange platforms of its kind, built to virtually unite networks, cloud providers and enterprises through an on-demand interconnection portal. The activation of a single port allows users to establish multiple virtual interfaces with our growing community of participants including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud and other leading public clouds.

Benefits of Joining the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange®

On-Demand Provisioning

Through their individualized portal or API, customers maintain control of their data in near real time.

One-To-Many Connections

Establish multiple virtual interfaces through the activation of a single port.


Direct connections offer private network isolation and a high level of security.

Guaranteed Throughput

High-bandwidth network connections offer guaranteed throughput and low latency.

Additional Resources

CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange®

The CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange® provides one-to-many connections into a community of cloud providers.

Case Study: ACI Solutions

Cloud solutions provider uses CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange®, colocation and cross connects to cut spending by 35% and enhance system security.

Open Cloud Exchange® Brochure

The CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange® enables private virtual connections for direct cloud access with near real-time provisioning.