Private Data Center Suites

A fully-customizable deployment option to meet your specific IT requirements.

A Space of Your Own

Private suites offer a stable, efficient platform on which to build your personalized data center deployment. Custom suites offer your business autonomy and control of your IT requirements, as well as access to CoreSite's many services and amenities. And because CoreSite private suites are housed within a colocation environment, customers have easy access to a host of interconnection options and the benefits of shared overhead cost efficiencies.

Fully-Customizable Deployment

CoreSite custom data center suites provide you with multiple customizable options, including:

  • Enhanced security with customizable private access controls such as magnetic key card units and biometric denial systems
  • Tailored temperature and humidity levels that give you control over efficiency
  • Customizable layout with consultation available from our expert data center engineers to ensure maximum efficiency
Fully Customizable Deployment

Data Centers Are Our Business

As experts in the construction, commissioning and operation of mission-critical data center facilities, CoreSite offers a variety of consultative data center services so that our customers can focus on their core business opportunities. Services include:

Construction & commissioning

Concurrently maintainable data center designs with industry-leading PUEs are constructed, fully tested, and delivered on-time to the customer.


CoreSite data centers utilize integrated security systems and 24/7/365 on-site, in-house security officers.  Operations and facility staff are available 24/7, aiding in maintaining our 100% uptime SLA.


Construction, engineering and operational support is available from CoreSite, as well as premier security, reliability, performance and customer service support.

A High-Performance Environment for Your Critical IT Infrastructure


May 18, 2020
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