Data Centers for Media and Content Providers

Built for today’s on-demand world.

Built for today’s on-demand world.

Low Latency. High Performance. Happy Users.

When content is what you do—whether it’s gaming, entertainment, retail or advertising—a slight decrease in video performance or a long load time can cost millions of dollars and seriously damage your brand. CoreSite provides direct connectivity to hundreds of national, international and regional networks as well as best-in-breed CDNs, giving you the connectivity needed to dramatically reduce latency and delivery lapses and ensure optimal user experiences.

A More Efficient Workflow

Full digital media workflow requires a robust ecosystem of studios, distribution companies, post-production services and numerous other elements to effectively deliver content to end users. It is inefficient and costly to try to manage all of these various providers on an individual basis to deliver an end product, especially considering physical distance between providers. CoreSite is a one-stop-shop that provides direct access to a complete ecosystem of networks, clouds, IT service providers and enterprises. We’ll help you make introductions and enable a more efficient workflow with a simple cross connect.


Solutions for Today, Flexibility for the Future


Modern facilities that are able to support high-density requirements (30kW per cabinet in most markets) for even the most power-hungry applications.

Scalable solutions

Deployments ranging from partial cabinets to private suites on a national footprint so you can seamlessly grow as needs evolve.

Public cloud on-ramps

Save on data egress rates and lower latency with direct access to leading cloud providers, such as AWS, Microsoft, Google, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle and IBM.

Central eco-system of providers

Directly connect to partners and providers that you need to connect to within the same building, making your life easier and saving on network costs.

Space, power, uptime

Relieve your staff and let us focus on keeping your resources up and running, backed up by our 100% uptime SLA.


Our expertly-rated team of professionals will support you all along your journey with CoreSite.

Accelerate Your Digital Journey



“The Any2 Exchange® from CoreSite is a key component for our business, allowing us to instantly connect with other peering members including participating ad exchanges. Add the reduced cost and low network latency through a robust Internet Exchange like Any2 and it’s really an ideal solution.”

Amit Gupta

VP of Infrastructure, Dstillery

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