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Today's Healthcare IT Challenges

Healthcare IT professionals are facing many challenges today: keeping up with rapidly changing IT innovations, handling ever-growing patient data, and ensuring interoperability of a variety of IT systems while remaining HIPAA compliant. This all comes with the request to reduce costs and "go cloud" while often still managing legacy systems on servers managed on-premises.

It doesn't need to be so difficult. Hundreds of customers, including hospital systems and accountable care organizations, trust CoreSite to deliver data center solutions that not only address performance-sensitive core requirements, but provide direct access to the vendors they need to manage cloud migrations and build differentiated digital solutions.

This allows IT professionals to refocus on what matters most—delivering high-quality patient care.

Benefits of Colocation for Healthcare

Colocating in a CoreSite data center offers healthcare organizations a foundation to ensure data is up and running 24x7 in a facility that supports HIPAA compliance, while also providing access to the vendors they need. The presence of hundreds of networks, clouds and IT service providers, such as AWS and Microsoft, allows healthcare organizations to ease into a cloud solution as requirements evolve. CoreSite network engineers can help design a high-performance solution leveraging these cloud and network partners to manage your workloads and move your data with greater speed and resiliency, and at a lower cost. Further, the availability of scalable solutions ranging from cabinets to cages to fully customized computer rooms allows for rapid growth that often cannot be addressed on-premises or with many other colocation providers.

Ready for Today, Ready for the Future

Solve for challenges you face today with scalable colocation space and power in an environment that supports your compliance requirements. But don't compromise forward-thinking initiatives of digital transformation. The ability to connect to hundreds of partners and providers can help you build a holistic IT strategy. You'll be able to focus on innovation and differentiation while we keep the lights on.

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