Cross Connects

Make reliable connections through a variety of high-performance options.

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What is a Cross Connect and Why Are They Beneficial?

Cross connects are physical cables that allow you to easily make direct connections between two different termination locations within our data centers. Our cross connect products provide access to a dynamic ecosystem of customer networks, facilitating traffic exchange, reinforcing network resiliency and enabling disaster recovery.

With CoreSite, provisioning cross connects is fast and easy—allowing you to scale as quickly as your business grows. Simply request cross connects via our online customer portal, and our certified team of operations experts will process your order quickly and accurately.

High-Performance Options

Cross connects ensure higher performance, better reliability and lower latency by using hardwired cables. Our intra-data center connectivity is provided via a passive physical medium or through a combination of core and edge Ethernet switches. Your options for cross connection include:

  • Fiber
  • Coaxial
  • Copper
  • POTS

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