Inter-site Connectivity

The freedom to scale without constraints through fiber connectivity between data center sites.

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Fiber Connectivity Creates a Data Center Campus

CoreSite offers inter-data center connectivity in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Denver, Northern Virginia and the San Francisco Bay Area. Our campus model allows customers to access all the providers they need in an interconnection-dense facility or carrier hotel, while cost-effectively growing without constraints in a scalable, enterprise-class facility. For example, in Los Angeles, customers may use either our lit transport solution or secure a dedicated dark fiber pair on our high-count dark fiber ring between our LA2 data center facility and One Wilshire. This inter-site connectivity allows customers in our scalable LA2 facility to connect to anyone they need within the One Wilshire building through interconnection services. 

Regional Hub Access

In some markets where CoreSite has a single data center, we offer common-carrier access to other regional interconnection hubs to create a similar “tethered” environment to CoreSite’s inter-site options listed above. With more than 450 domestic and international carriers and access to 40+ intercontinental cables, connecting your deployment at a CoreSite data center to a customer or deployment at another regional data center is easy and cost-effective.

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