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What is Cloud Direct Connection and How Can It Support Your Hybrid IT Strategy?

CoreSite explains what native cloud onramps are and how you can save money, enhance performance and improve security by leveraging them in a colocation facility

Building an ideal multi-cloud deployment is a lot like booking air travel. You want the most efficient route…fast, direct, no layovers, no delays. However, not every data center provider can offer direct round-trip flights for your data.

Buckle up for better data travel. CoreSite direct cloud connections make it simple to schedule direct flights with no delays or stops. Our native cloud onramps are dedicated, fiber-optic connections that physically and privately link your network and applications to the cloud. 

This direct path minimizes network access points, which means you and your customers experience...

  • Intelligent, layered security
  • Reduced points of failure (i.e. flight delays)
  • Elimination of external networking requirements and data egress fees, which can reduce connection costs up to 70%*

Not all data centers are trusted by cloud providers to house native onramps. With CoreSite’s native cloud onramps, your business will get high-bandwidth data transfer, and lower edge-to-edge latency, for a fraction of traditional connection costs.

Fly direct with CoreSite. Contact us today to learn more.

*Costs savings are based on CoreSite cost comparisons using publicly available and private information and/or CoreSite customer reported costs savings and may not be indicative of the costs savings that may be experienced by every customer that switches to the applicable CoreSite service.