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Image of a male data center operations technician.

A CoreSite X-Factor: Remote Hands Services and Professionals

Organizations migrating to colocation data centers often cite their desire to slash costs, reduce risks, improve interconnection and enable their IT staff to focus on revenue-generating projects as key decision-drivers. What they don’t often mention, and may not be aware of, are the numerous services CoreSite can provide that make those benefits possible.

Image of data center technician monitoring a customer’s deployment performance.
CoreSite data center technicians act as an extension of your IT team and provide an array of essential services to optimize your deployment.

In this blog, I’ll discuss CoreSite’s Remote Hands Services, a stand-out CoreSite service offering that relieves organizations of the burdens of operating and maintaining an on-premises data center while enabling them to be as involved in their data center deployment as they want.

Our dedicated team of operations professionals are among the very best technicians I’ve had the pleasure to work with in my 20+ years in this industry. They not only function as a true extension of our customers’ IT teams but also are unique in their ability to understand customers’ deployments holistically. 

Unlike other data center companies’ colocation operations teams, our technicians are not restricted to a specialty such as server management, connectivity or security. Each CoreSite data center operations technician is certified in CoreSite’s custom qualification program to take on issues including installation, monitoring, management, troubleshooting, power, cooling and other matters that come up. That’s a significant advantage and differentiator — an "X-factor," if you will.

A Closer Look at CoreSite Remote Hands

The vast majority of our colocation customers simply don’t have the staff or all of the expertise they need to manage their colocation deployments. That’s where our Remote Hands services come into play. 

CoreSite’s Remote Hands professionals can assist with:

  • Move-in and data center migration
  • Modifying initial deployment of their cages and cabinets
  • Delivery of and racking and stacking their IT equipment
  • Providing and adjusting the power and cooling infrastructure to assure optimal performance
  • Interconnections
They can manage these and many other tasks per individual requests or on a regular basis. In many cases, by engaging CoreSite’s Remote Hands services, a customer could come into any of our facilities to oversee its initial colocation installation and activation and never make that trip again. That’s how comprehensive our services are. Here’s a more detailed list of additional (but not all) tasks CoreSite can perform for customers:
Power Cycling 

Power cycling, the act of turning hardware off and then on again, is often done when a device isn’t working as required. Rebooting often can clear an issue. 

Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues 

CoreSite’s Remote Hands technicians can investigate and identify the cause(s) for connectivity issues and restore connectivity to designated performance levels. 

Auditing Connections

Our Remote Hands technicians will audit your connections and provide you with reports on their configuration and status. 

Providing Cooling Assistance

IT equipment generates heat that can damage equipment. Improper humidity levels can also increase operational risk and accelerate equipment failure. Our Remote Hands professional are familiar with multiple cooling methods used in our data centers, including liquid cooling for high-density applications, such as AI workloads, to keep our customer’s IT deployments running at peak performance while also extending the equipment lifetimes.

Auditing Customer Equipment or Supplies

Deployments are not a one-time “set it and forget it” exercise. Equipment can be added or removed in response to changing business requirements, and it can be easy to lose track of exactly what equipment and supplies are in your colocation space. CoreSite Remote Hands technicians can perform equipment and supply audits, provide visual verification for auditing and support troubleshooting.

Cabling, Wiring and Circuitry Tasks

Data Center Operations technicians can establish cross connects and move, secure or dress your cabling. They can perform light readings, signal verification, patch cord testing and help with circuit path troubleshooting from basic circuit testing and diagnostics to advanced circuit migrations with carriers or internet service providers.

Image of data center technician monitoring a customer’s deployment performance.
DCO Technicians are trained to take on tasks ranging from cabling and component maintenance to facilitating server interconnections.
Swapping Power Circuits

CoreSite Data Center Operations technicians can upgrade power circuits when a customer refreshes IT equipment or whenever else upgrades are needed.

Swapping Components

Business requirements evolve and IT components need to be replaced sometimes. Remote Hands technicians can make those swaps per customer requests and instructions. They can also replace, remove and/or relocate equipment as requested by customers. 

Plugging in a PDU and Unplugging a PDU in Service

By monitoring and managing PDUs, CoreSite Remote Hands technicians can verify power status in customer deployments and respond to anomalies. 

Requesting Remote Hands Help Is Easy

Requesting Remote Hands help is simple and can be provided regularly or on as "as needed" basis. All you need to do is create an order through the MyCoreSite customer service delivery platform. Once your order is submitted, it is immediately reviewed by CoreSite for accuracy, availability and completion. You’ll get an email notification if an order needs approval or another action is required.

Know More

For more information on Remote Hands and other operational services CoreSite can provide to help ensure your data center deployments are operating to your specifications, contact us today.




Joe Liccardo
Joe is responsible for data center facilities, operations and physical security at all CoreSite data center locations. He has more than 20 years of experience in facility operations including 10+ years of data center operations and management.