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Commitment to the Customer: SMI Corp & CoreSite Focus on Core Values

In the aftermath of deregulation, no one really knew what the telecom world might look like. The breakup of the telephone monopoly and the Baby Bells simultaneously created a world of new opportunities and one of treachery and uncertainty.

It was the perfect time to launch a new telecom consulting business, and SMI Corporation was born. Over the last 30 years, our team has helped thousands of clients secure the best possible voice and data solutions for their specific needs, providing an array of expert services ranging from solution design and engineering to network administration and provisioning.

As an independent services broker, we’re not locked into any one provider or carrier. We have the freedom and flexibility to build long-lasting relationships with industry leaders to call on them whenever a need arises — which has increasingly become the case as the role of the data center continues to expand in today’s digital IT landscape.

Forging relationships with low-latency, high-touch data center partners

We’ve grown to intimately know North America’s most densely populated and interconnected region. SMI Corp’s deep familiarity with the data center scene in the New York Tri-State area is a unique benefit to our clients, as they enjoy our expert insights and unbiased recommendations for low-latency, high-density data center facilities to replace less secure and scalable on-premises data operations.

In one particular case, a not-for-profit client wanted to relocate its network operations away from an on-site room to a secure, stable data center with extensive cloud and carrier connections. Given the nature of non-profit work, it was imperative that we find them a cost-effective, flexible data center option. At the same time, financial considerations were just one aspect of the decision.

One of SMI’s core values is to deliver white-glove service to our clients, doing whatever’s necessary to satisfy the customer’s business needs and produce an exceptional experience. As we evaluated the various data center options in the area, we prioritized both cost-efficiency and a high level of end-to-end support as criteria for our decision.

After comparing the available options, we recommended CoreSite’s NY2 facility because of its close proximity to New York City, low-latency connections to cloud providers and various carriers, and the staff’s reputation for going above and beyond the limits of their daily jobs to ensure a smooth transition and pain-free customer experience. And we’ve repeatedly made those recommendations to other clients across industries, verticals, and of all sizes for the same reasons.

More than just colo

The reason we like to pitch colocation to our customers is that having a centralized IT location makes it much easier to connect to clouds, partners and networks. Having a primary facility — all the hardware, applications, and business backbone — in a data center is much more secure and reliable than having it all on-site in your own building, especially considering the business risks of an outage or any other unplanned interruption. It’s also an effective approach for avoiding the huge investments required to build an on-site facility in expensive real estate locations like New York City.

Today, the colocation industry is highly commoditized, and it’s difficult for those choosing a vendor to distinguish the differences between providers. But what sets CoreSite apart from others is their approach to the overall customer experience.

In the bigger picture, finding a colocation partner involves much more than just racks and cages and power and cooling. It’s more than just bottom-line dollars savings, it’s also about building mutually beneficial relationships and establishing long-term partnerships with reliable and trustworthy teams.

CoreSite’s business model closely aligns with our commitment to treating every customer’s business as it if were our own. Whether that’s getting creative with contract terms or simply tracking down hand tools like box cutters that may have been left behind, CoreSite’s entire staff routinely puts in the extra effort to make us and our customers feel welcomed and valued.

About SMI Corporation

Since 1989, SMI Corporation has helped thousands of businesses achieve reliable, secure and highly diversified network infrastructures that deliver the flexibility, scalability, and cost management they need to succeed. As a vendor and carrier agnostic consulting firm providing a range of cloud and connectivity services, SMI has maintained a roster of loyal, satisfied customers across the Eastern Seaboard and throughout the country. Learn more at

Mary Anne Schafer | Founder of SMI Corporation
Mary Anne is the founder of IT and telecom consulting firm SMI Corporation and a 30-year veteran of data center and IT networking industries.