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CoreSite and Aplena Ease Data Center Migrations, Offering 100% Uptime SLA

A data center relocation is a big undertaking for any enterprise, involving much more than just physically moving hardware and software from one location to another. Successful data center migrations require a significant amount of planning as well as precise logistical coordination and execution. 

Because many organizations lack data center relocation experience, oftentimes unexpected challenges, delays and oversights occur, resulting in a stressful relocation that can have serious impacts to operations. Partnering with an experienced relocation company and the right data center provider can make all the difference.

Expert Support for Quickly Relocating Production Environments into CoreSite Data Centers

Modern IT environments are complex, making it difficult for IT teams that do not perform data center moves regularly to fully anticipate and manage the logistics of the project. The insights achieved when planning and conducting data center moves – coupled with the right partnerships – can be a game-changer for effective data center migration.

This is where Aplena and CoreSite come in. With decades of data center relocation experience and an extensive network of partners that differentiates its capabilities in the market, Aplena helps enterprises relocate their IT environments without unplanned delays or downtime.

Relocating your data center gives you the opportunity to evaluate and improve your infrastructure as well as shift some maintenance responsibilities to the colocation provider. Aplena can help make the transition smooth and ensure business continuity.

Aplena Goes Beyond Data Center Relocation 

Aplena is more than a moving company. At its core, Aplena is a technology company that specializes in data center relocation. Over the years, its experienced team has seen it all. They apply those lessons-learned to help customers – across all industries, sizes and phases in their data center migration journeys – not only develop and execute move plans but design new IT environments that strengthen capabilities, lower costs and meet evolving needs. This is achieved through a combination of strategic partnerships, deep-seated expertise and early engagement with customers.

Partnerships that Bolster Data Center Relocation 

To enhance its end-to-end relocation services, Aplena partners with industry-leading IT providers, including best-in-class infrastructure, colocation and security providers. These partnerships enable Aplena to adapt customers’ IT environments to new requirements as part of the move. 

As a preferred data center partner, CoreSite enables Aplena to offer its customers a trusted colocation provider with secure, reliable, high-performance data center and interconnection solutions across 10 key markets. 

By making the move to a CoreSite facility, customers benefit from:

  • Operational excellence backed with a 100% uptime SLA
  • Financial stability (NYSE: AMT) with growth and innovation investments
  • Campus facilities that offer scale for their businesses and high-density capabilities
  • Network-rich and cloud-adjacent facilities with hybrid IT solutions
  • Security and compliance to safeguard their businesses   
Image of CoreSite’s data center locations and interconnections.
CoreSite’s national presence offers direct connections to hyperscale cloud providers, a dynamic network, robust physical security and a 100% uptime SLA.

Common reasons for a data center relocation

  • Company wants to outsource its office data center to a third-party data center company such as CoreSite
  • Company can no longer scale with its current provider
  • Current provider does not support high power density capabilities of new equipment
  • Downtime and SLA issues with current provider are affecting business
  • Current provider is restructuring internally, being sold or going through bankruptcy

‍Technology Expertise Ensures Seamless Data Center Relocation

Transferring equipment from one location to another is more challenging when the data center footprint is changing. Many enterprises utilize a move to consolidate multiple environments inherited through a merger or acquisition. The rise of remote work is also altering IT environments as enterprises shut down their physical offices and on-premises data centers and embrace hybrid IT solutions that integrate cloud and outsource their data center. Organizations that are dissatisfied with their existing data center provider can use the move to refresh aging equipment or adapt the environment to new needs.

Without significant migration experience, an enterprise can overlook key steps, impacting the efficacy of the move. Aplena’s vast experience and technical acumen can help support a seamless relocation by coordinating critical logistics to deliver a complete end-to-end solution without downtime.

An experienced relocation partner can also help anticipate smaller, unexpected issues like a bad rail or the wrong screw type that can spark bigger problems and time delays. Leveraging this expertise also allows enterprises to redirect their internal IT teams, keeping them fresh and ready to configure the systems and get the environment online after the move.  

Aplena also can deliver a comprehensive solution. Its technology and networking experience allows the company to assess the infrastructure to address requirements and maximize value of investments. At a recent six-megawatt build-out at CoreSite, Aplena provided a customized solution that involved 24x7 support as it performed the move and delivered break/fix management services. 

CoreSite has experienced this value firsthand. While Aplena and CoreSite are solutions partners, CoreSite also leveraged Aplena to relocate customers from an acquired data center it planned to decommission to other CoreSite locations. Aplena moved these tenants – many of which were carriers and service providers with highly customized needs – allowing CoreSite to retain them as customers. 

Early Engagement Puts Aplena’s Data Center Relocation Expertise to Use

Enterprises can benefit from Aplena’s experience by enlisting the technology company at the outset of the project. Through a site audit, Aplena can inventory and document physical servers, storage arrays, and cabling and network equipment – as well as system dependencies – to gain a thorough understanding of the current infrastructure, its future state and the necessary steps to get from one to another. This early engagement enables Aplena to guide customers through the relocation process, offering skilled project management and data center migration expertise to deliver powerful new solutions. 

Aplena can also make recommendations around equipment refreshes and networking options and conduct a risk assessment to identify vulnerabilities and ensure disaster recovery (DR) and backup strategies are in place to support business continuity. 

Regardless of why an organization is relocating its data center environment, experienced end-to-end relocation services can limit exposure and ensure an effective and timely project. 

Considering data center relocation? CoreSite and Aplena are ready to help. Reach out to us at or

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