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How CoreSite & AWS Are Helping Supplyframe Transform Electronics Manufacturing

We don’t often think too much about what goes into making the electronics we use every day. Smartphones, computers, or any number of more sophisticated equipment – satellites, GPS systems, even robotics! – just sort of show up when we want them.

Obviously, electronics manufacturing is much more complex than that, but companies like Supplyframe make it all seem easy by seamlessly coordinating the behind-the-scenes logistics that go into creating the electronics we know and love.

The company boasts the world’s largest collection of vertical search engines, supply chain tools, and online communities that millions of professionals worldwide use to research, design, build, and procure tomorrow’s electronics hardware. Centralizing all that data and those tools is the most efficient and effective way to facilitate product collaboration. It cuts across boundaries and creates a global community of manufacturers – a producer in Europe may source parts from China, get product plans from the U.S., and manufacture it in Mexico or Indonesia.

But all this centralized data comes at a cost. Supplyframe’s database includes hundreds of millions of products, documents, and other essential information that cause their product quote software and search engines to consume bandwidth at an alarming rate. Increased compute demands require adding capacity to avoid overburdening the network, and the growing number of global users – especially in China – put a premium on speed and low-latency for transferring massive volumes of data.

Business continuity, stability, and efficiency with CoreSite and AWS

Supplyframe is no stranger to aggregating information and tools and working with an array of vendors and partners. So, partnering with CoreSite and AWS to gain stability, agility, and scale in its business shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Together, CoreSite and AWS provide the power and connectivity Supplyframe needs to increase network stability, improve data transmission speeds, and grow with the company’s evolving business demands.

Specifically, CoreSite’s LA1 and LA2 facilities offer high-density, easily configurable colocation to accelerate spinning up new production and testing servers. The efficient power and cooling in the facilities is enough on its own to help reduce some of the company’s operating costs by as much as 20%. But the dark fiber between the two buildings and the company’s home office that creates a redundant local network with 100% availability also drives efficiency and mitigates risk by supporting both low-latency data transfers and business continuity plans.

The other half of the equation is AWS’s direct connectivity and massive scaling capabilities that mobilize information in ways not previously possible. Amazon S3 and Glacier make it easy for Supplyframe to collect, store, and analyze data – regardless of format – all at massive scale.

The ability to add storage on-demand enables Supplyframe to store virtually unlimited amounts of data and then leverage a dedicated network connection from the data center into AWS so that customers and partners can retrieve any data file from anywhere up to three times faster than before.

Like most industries, data is what drives today’s electronics manufacturing. As companies and their customers generate more data, getting it in the hands of the people who need it faster, more reliably, and more securely will also become increasingly valuable.

Click here to read the full Supplyframe success story or contact us today to learn more about how combining CoreSite and AWS solutions can bring much-needed speed, efficiency, and stability to your business’s operations.

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