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Data Center Technician Profile: CoreSite DC Operations Technician Stephanie Rogers

Security at CoreSite data centers is a combination of physical security technology and experienced, trained professionals.

Stephanie Rogers, Data Center Operations Technician and security Subject Matter Expert, brings these two together at CoreSite’s CH1 data center, on South LaSalle Street in Chicago . “We have layers of security to help people feel safe and to make sure the assets they trust us with are safe as well,” Rogers says. 

A photograph showing the entrance to CoreSite data center CH1, located in downtown Chicago.
There’s a good chance that you’ll be greeted by Stephanie Rogers when you tour or visit CH1, our data center adjacent to the Board of Trade in downtown Chicago.

Not long ago, entering a data center meant greeting a security professional and handing over a government ID. It’s no secret that the process has become much more thorough in response to the rise in physical security threats. Rigorous badging processes and biometric screening are two examples, complemented by mantraps and IP-DVR cameras. At CoreSite, each Data Center Operations technician goes thorough annual training and is certified in security.

Rogers is involved in all aspects of CH1 security. On some days this includes assessing the need for cameras in different areas of the building. Other days, it might include covering the front desk and ensuring that customers are at the right place – checking names against data bases and case numbers and directing or escorting customers to their deployment within the data center.

Security operations run smoothly most of the time. But when things do go wrong, she likes troubleshooting to get to the bottom of the problem. “I want to know why,” she says. “Why isn’t this working and how can we fix it for good?” 

Having an inquisitive nature is one reason Rogers excels in her role. If you ask her what other qualities she sees in herself and looks to cultivate when training colleagues, she will tell you that “the keys to success are attention to detail, being a self-motivated person, communication skills and personal integrity – which means doing the right thing, even when no one else is around.”

Rogers adds that the security field is constantly growing. “The opportunity is here for those who want it,” she says, including for women. “I would always encourage women to join the security industry. It’s definitely a way to learn self-discipline, be part of a team committed to excellence and meet some really cool people.” Women are under-represented in the data center industry, as one might expect, although the number is increasing. 

Layered Security at CoreSite Data Centers


Perimeter Security

Our data centers are secured by perimeter fencing as well as 360° view cameras to dissuade potential intruders and provide visibility into activity outside the facility.

‍Building Entry Screening

Access through entrances requires a personalized security badge which allows entry only to the relevant areas of the data center.   

Secure Corridors

Mantraps at most data centers are located at the front entrance to maintain the flow of people and help prevent tailgating of unauthorized individuals into secure areas.

Computer Room Access

Computer room (server room or suite) access is granted only upon dual authentication using a badge and biometric fingerprint scanner.

‍Cage or Rack Access

The final layer of authentication for many areas within a computer room is at the cage or server rack level which is accessed by key lock or card reader and biometric scanner. Video cameras also monitor on-site activity at all times.

While technology and procedures are a big part of data center operations, there’s a human element: customer service. “I'm the first person that they see at the front desk and maybe the last person that they see when walking out the door. I set the tone for their visit.”

Interested in a career in data center operations? We’re hiring! Learn more by checking out the CoreSite careers page.

Stephanie Rogers | Data Center Technician
Stephanie has been providing security, security training and exceptional customer service for more than nine years at CoreSite’s CH1 data center.