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How CoreSite and DATAMOB Partner to Simplify IT Sourcing and Data Center Colocation

Technology – specifically the supporting IT systems and infrastructure – is the primary catalyst for organizations to effectively execute their digital strategies and achieve a number of competitive advantages. With so many technological options available, identifying the provider with the right solution can be a time-consuming challenge. Negotiating contract terms and pricing adds another layer of complexity – especially for businesses that infrequently reevaluate and adapt their IT infrastructure. 

Fortunately, you are not without options. A technology sourcing advisor can offer experience and market insights to help organizations find and negotiate IT solutions that support their infrastructure strategies and empower their businesses.

I recently sat down with Brian Clark, co-founder of  DATAMOB, a global technology consulting and IT sourcing firm, to discuss how CoreSite and DATAMOB work together to provide customers with the technology solutions they need to thrive in a fast-paced, technology-centric business landscape.

First, what is IT sourcing?

IT sourcing is the process of identifying and procuring strategic technology resources from a third-party vendor. An IT sourcing partner like DATAMOB advises organizations on the IT solutions and providers that best address their current and future objectives. 

Break down for us the value of partnering with an IT consulting company like DATAMOB. Why is it important in today’s business climate? 

Today, organizations are building global networks, deploying multicloud strategies, creating remote work environments and establishing disaster recovery solutions to strengthen their business capabilities and secure their operations. These digital solutions need to align with current needs and long-term business strategies. Given the vast number of providers and the rate that technology evolves, it can be difficult for them to keep up on the most innovative solutions and find best-in-class providers to deliver those services. This is where DATAMOB delivers value. 

“We hang our hat on advocating for customers through the sourcing, negotiating and procurement processes. We support clients post-signing and through implementation to mitigate and resolve any issues quickly.”
Brian Clark, DATAMOB Co-Founder

DATAMOB helps organizations navigate the complex IT landscape – from identifying IT solutions that enable their digital strategies to negotiating better contract pricing and terms. We do this every day, so we understand the technology and the opportunities available to provide solutions that deliver the greatest value. Our market knowledge allows us to offer business-enabling IT solutions that may not be on a customer’s radar. 

We hang our hat on advocating for customers through the sourcing, negotiating and procurement processes. We also support clients post-signing and through implementation to mitigate and resolve any issues quickly. We are committed to being a resource for customers for the life of the contract. 

We accelerate the sourcing process. Our experience, market awareness and global industry contacts make us a powerful resource to help clients streamline their IT sourcing initiatives and more quickly implement solutions that drive desired business outcomes.

Why did DATAMOB choose CoreSite as a colocation partner?

Choosing a data center provider is not a quick decision for any organization. Companies don’t want to move their IT assets into a facility only for something to go wrong six months later. 

Our decade-long relationship has built a familiarity that allows us to confidently recommend CoreSite. We wouldn’t be partners if this was not the case.

CoreSite is a reputable colocation provider with secure, reliable, purpose-built facilities. Their white-glove service, responsiveness and high-performing data centers add up to confidence that our clients’ IT environments will be safe, and they will have a good experience. 

We recently closed a big win together. What was the client looking for and how did the deal come together? 

Our client’s colocation provider was going through some financial turbulence that required them to split their services between two companies: one for colocation and the other for managed services. This introduced more complexity, response time and costs. We were brought in to help find alternative hybrid IT solutions on the East Coast to improve the company’s colocation costs and connectivity options, and to support its increased power density requirements as it transitioned to a more modern architecture. Given the financial situation with their existing provider, the financial stability of the new provider was also key.

We presented the client with multiple options from various providers, and they chose CoreSite for a 20-cabinet cage with 280 kilowatts (kW) of power and 10 gig direct connections to Google Cloud and AWS. The solution provides intense power density capabilities, dynamic interconnections and scalability to accommodate their current needs, while offering flexibility that positions them for long-term success.

Why did CoreSite win the deal? 

CoreSite’s Boston data center, BO1, offers the necessary compute and connectivity to deliver powerful, comprehensive colocation for the customer. During the evaluation process, CoreSite provided a more personal, boutique-like experience. That was a key differentiator. Senior leadership participated in the facility tour and engaged in conversations with the client to help build the relationship, and confidence in CoreSite as a partner. 

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BO1 offers a high-performance, high-density secure colocation environment with direct connection to cloud providers. Staffed by a responsive, customer-centric team, BO1 delivers reliability and is powered by an energy-efficient cooling system designed for sustainability.

CoreSite also improved our client’s connectivity options by offering direct connections to Google Cloud and AWS. Previously, our client relied on a third party for public cloud access. CoreSite’s direct connections significantly lower egress fees, simplify connectivity and accelerate data delivery speed. CoreSite’s rich ecosystem of on-network providers also allows us to leverage our carrier relationships to rebuild our client’s network architecture at CoreSite at a lower price, while improving latency.  

Ultimately, CoreSite was able to deliver both the colocation and networking elements of the solution. By utilizing direct cloud connections, on-net providers and simplifying vendor management, CoreSite reduces our client’s total cost of operation (TCO). That’s what we look for in a partner – someone that can instill confidence in the safety and performance of the IT solution while improving TCO and making our clients happy.




Next Steps

Ready to strengthen your digital strategy through experienced IT sourcing? CoreSite and DATAMOB are ready to help. Reach out to Brian Clark at 310.213.4084 or and CoreSite at or 303.405.1000.

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