Interconnection Opens a World of Options for Digital Businesses in Silicon Valley and Beyond

You might have seen a recent press release announcing that Google Cloud Dedicated Interconnect is now available at CoreSite’s Silicon Valley campus, offering regional businesses an on-net, 10G and 100G fiber solution for connecting to Google Cloud through a CoreSite data center. The partnership provides a new option for meeting high bandwidth, low latency requirements for a wide variety of enterprises in the region. 

While we know the area as Silicon Valley, getting its start as the center for semi-conductor manufacturing and home to Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Intel and other giant tech companies, it’s also a hotbed for the healthcare, e-commerce, financial services and cybersecurity industries. Check out this list of 65 companies in Silicon Valley to get a sense of the diversity, including SaaS security services provider ZScaler, a CoreSite customer.

I bring up the point about enterprise diversity because Google Cloud Dedicated Interconnect doesn’t only establish direct integration to Google Cloud services. Interconnectivity also helps companies achieve business objectives with hybrid cloud architectures, many-to-many networking and exchange ecosystems. 

Notice that you are seeing “interconnect” often in this post? That’s because it is a key capability driving the business objectives I just alluded to: scalability without on-premises data center expansion, improved agility, streamlined business partner collaboration, and reduced total cost of operations (TCO).

Strengthening Each Link in the Value Chain

Interconnectivity forges the links in a digital business value chain. And digital transformation is beginning to fulfill the value proposition promised by exchange platforms, for both B2C and B2B enterprises. Here’s a B2C use case along those lines. Did anyone buy a car without going to a dealership just three years ago? Now, you can have one delivered to your door, with your trade-in, financing, and insurance taken care of online though the dealer. 

Recent digital transformation in the financial services industry (FSI) offers another example, one that also demonstrates the advantage cloud services access creates. Day-to-day banking activities that used to require a trip into a branch can all happen through a smartphone; that’s just scratching the surface when it comes to digitized FSI customer experience. Insurance, trading, automated mortgage processing and other financial transactions are just as easy to execute, with business partners providing those specific services interconnected to the FSI enterprise in the cloud. Layer in artificial intelligence and natural language processing services, and now you have AI-driven contact centers that elevate the user experience as well as transactional data analysis inspiring stronger business models, for every partner in the value chain. 

Adding Business Growth to the Technology Messaging

CoreSite recently enabled Partner Interconnect to Google Cloud within the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange® (OCX). The OCX simplifies and automates multi-cloud, hybrid cloud and site-to-site interconnectivity across the OCX exchange ecosystem. For enterprises, that means more points of connectivity, flexible capacities and making it easier for customers with multi-region and multi-cloud architectures to directly integrate their network with Google Cloud.

The OCX ecosystem is complemented by internet peering to more than 450 internet service providers via CoreSite’s Any2Exchange®. Again, with colocation serving as a hub for digital business, enterprises in the Silicon Valley have the options they need to reach customers and business partners wherever they see market opportunity.

If you read the press release I mentioned at the top of this post, you’ll learn that giving Silicon Valley enterprises more choices to meet their evolving performance needs is a core message. In the past, we probably would have emphasized the security and performance advantages for a single enterprise that direct, native connectivity produces. Instead, we talk about opening access to an ecosystem of services ranging from peering to security and colocation data centers to major public clouds, all over a more cost-effective and reliable infrastructure. Interconnection gives you all of that and more.

Aaron Canales

Aaron Canales

Solutions Architect

Aaron has 20+ years of experience providing data center solutions for small- to medium-sized business and enterprise customers.

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