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International Datacenter Day 2021: Celebrate the 3rd Anniversary by Recognizing the People Behind the Infrastructure

There are more than seven million data centers in the world. Most people don’t give them a second thought day-to-day, they just know that with a click or two they can work, stream movies and music, or video-chat with someone almost anywhere. If you are part of the industry, you have a better sense of the technology and infrastructure and, most importantly, the people who keep them humming. 

International Datacenter Day is designed to create awareness of the data center industry and to inspire the next generation of talent. Conceived by 7×24 Exchange International, the idea is to help people “better understand what data centers are, why they are so important to our connected world, and the wide array of career opportunities that are part of the data center industry.”

We’re adding to the celebration by recognizing all the data center operations, engineering, client services and management team members at CoreSite – whose skills and commitment drive operational excellence – as well as the people behind the scenes at the millions of other facilities. The pandemic opened our eyes to unsung heroes in many different professions. Think about how much more severe the economic impact could have been if not for the connectivity that enabled remote work and streamlined COVID testing.

A Career Path Paved With Training

One part of International Datacenter Day is raising awareness about the career opportunities associated with data centers. My history in the industry began after I left the U.S. Navy and landed a Technical Manager position. I came onboard with CoreSite in 2009 and, like many of my colleagues, have earned roles of increasing responsibility. For the right people, and it’s important to point out that we are very mindful about diversity in our staff, the program can lay a career path that reaches a long way.

CoreSite has a Qualification Program that’s designed to prepare people for success who are passionate about working in data centers. I say “passionate” because it’s a demanding, multi-tier program in which technicians are rigorously evaluated each step of the way, in every area of data center operations. 

In addition to the operating procedures and in-depth training on data center technologies, we train “soft skills,” with guidance on communication and professionalism. In this industry, you often work directly with customers and it’s critical to create positive experiences, especially in times of stress. 

Working Together to Build Awareness

Infrastructure Masons and other organizations involved with International Datacenter Day provide support for students and people interested in exploring the data center field. They are working to show students of all levels the possibilities that working in the fast-growing digital infrastructure industry open up. The initiatives for iMasons include education, diversity & inclusion, sustainability and technical innovation, and underpin their vision: Unite the Builders of the Digital Age.

The first International Datacenter Day was celebrated in 2019, only two years ago, even though data centers have been operating in some form or another since technicians ran backups on big reels of tape, often when everyone else had gone home for the day hours before.

The technology has come a very long way since then, but some things have stayed the same. Most people don’t think about the people making sure they can be connected at any and all time, and the millions of data centers that help store, move and create value from data. With your help promoting International Datacenter day, we can change that. 

Happy International Datacenter Day! 

Anthony Hatzenbuehler | SVP, Data Center Operations
Anthony Hatzenbuehler, SVP of Data Center Operations, is responsible for onsite data center operations activities, client services and the Operations Support Center (OSC).