NetFoundry: Meet Me in the Middle

No man is an island unto himself, the saying goes. The same could be said for companies. In today’s digital-first and application-centric global economy, companies are dependent on one another to procure the services, products and knowledge they need to compete in a rapidly changing competitive environment.

That’s why businesses across industries, sectors and geographies are increasingly turning to innovative secure networking service providers like Charlotte, NC based NetFoundry. NetFoundry’s global overlay network and SaaS capabilities enable businesses to rapidly, simply, inexpensively and securely connect data centers, users, sites, apps, clouds, IoT devices and other endpoints over any cloud or service mesh.

“Our goal is to offer a new take on conventional networking with a cloud-first, application-specific, zero-trust approach. This enables our customers to securely connect people, systems, apps and data,” says Greg Shields, NetFoundry’s Director of Strategic Partnership Alliances. “Central to this strategy is having reliable data center service partners who can deliver the agility, stable connectivity and links to potential partners and customers to grow our networks at scale.”

Location, location, location

Like most network service and cloud providers, NetFoundry chose to colocate with CoreSite because of its high-density facilities, strategic locations in key edge markets and customer-centric service model.

“The key factor for our business in choosing a data center solutions provider is how well they’re positioned to succeed right now and in the future,” Shields says. “CoreSite is a forward-looking organization with the vision, leadership and resources required to evolve along with their customers’ needs and the changing demands of a global market.”

CoreSite boasts nearly two dozen cutting-edge data centers in eight strategic edge markets across the country. The expansive footprint gives service providers like NetFoundry the option to build custom racks and cages in highly trafficked locations like New York, Denver or Los Angeles that brings the company’s core infrastructure physically closer to their customers and partners.

The closer proximity results in dramatically reduced network latency, delivering superior performance and availability for customer applications, systems and services. More importantly, CoreSite data centers are designed to serve greater business needs than merely housing server racks or cages. They’re intended to serve as the interconnection hubs in edge markets across the U.S., allowing companies to effortlessly exchange IP traffic and custom-build a global delivery network for their services and content. Whether through physical fiber cross connections or virtual peering, CoreSite makes it easy for NetFoundry and other data center tenants to instantly connect with over 775 cloud, network, and IT service providers around the world to spur massive and sustainable growth.

“Our main differentiators are our zero-trust approach to security and our ability to deploy a network in fifteen minutes. Traditional VPN technologies such as MPLS and SD-WAN can’t support the security, agility or flexibility needed in today’s app-centric world,” Shields says. “CoreSite plays a pivotal role in supporting that position by empowering us to choose the best traffic routes, all on the same network and from within the same location, to optimize performance and reliability as our customers demand.”

Uniting networks, uniting people

Beyond linking networks, CoreSite also enables more personal connections as well. With one of the industry’s most diverse and constantly-expanding customer ecosystems, CoreSite partners and customers alike can scour the CoreSite Marketplace for leading network operators, cloud providers, partner and value-add services.

NetFoundry can promote their brand and services within the closed CoreSite ecosystem, increasing visibility to potential customers and partners who’d otherwise be unreachable. And, since all new Marketplace members get a listing in a quarterly customer-only communication, it’s an ideal opportunity to draw attention to new or upcoming promotions.

“Our listing in the CoreSite Marketplace has been invaluable for us,” Shields explains. “Perhaps more than any other avenue, it’s put us front and center of potential customers we’d not likely connect with and accelerated our sales strategy significantly in ways we couldn’t do on our own. Our mutual customers love the fact that they can now stand up a secure and performant network in just fifteen minutes and begin their deployment immediately. More importantly, it’s given us the social proof and validation as a leader in the space because we’re aligned with the CoreSite name.”

Click here to learn more about CoreSite’s global connectivity capabilities and expansive customer ecosystem.

Megan Duncan

Megan Duncan

Customer Engagement

Megan manages CoreSite’s customer engagement programs and has worked closely with C-Suite executives for more than 16 years.

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