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New Report, iMasons Climate Accord Membership Mark Next Steps in CoreSite’s Sustainability Journey

We are “all in it together” when it comes to sustainability in the data center industry. Our latest Sustainability Report documents the progress we made on our sustainability journey in 2021, with these three cornerstones in mind: 

  • Customers – Energy use is a significant cost-driver; high-performance connectivity significantly reduces their data center footprint and energy consumption.
  • Colleagues – Investing in our staff and fostering a culture of transparency and innovation pays dividends in operational excellence, efficiencies and customer experience.
  • Communities – When customers can work together within a single campus, it unlocks value by creating an optimal and scalable deployment.

You will probably recognize the ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) concepts associated with our approach to sustainability. We know that by being a good steward to our business, we can be a good steward to the environment and continue to make strides in our sustainability journey. To that end, CoreSite’s 2021 accomplishments include:

  • Achieving power utilization effectiveness (PUE) of 1.39 compared to 1.42 in 2020
  • Completing a highly energy-efficient cooling system for our Boston Data Center (BO1) that will save an estimated eight million kilowatt-hours each year
  • Decreasing the carbon intensity per million dollars of revenue and per net rentable square foot compared to 2020, while expanding our operational footprint

Reducing Carbon in the Digital Infrastructure

We also recently joined the Infrastructure Masons Climate Accord (ICA), a historic cooperative of more than 150 companies established in 2022 that is committed to reducing carbon in digital infrastructure materials, products and power. In our June 30, 2022 press release, President of CoreSite and SVP of U.S. Tower Juan Font said, “As members of the Infrastructure Masons Climate Accord, we look forward to collaborating with our industry peers to find ways to enhance our sustainability initiatives as well as improve the tracking and reporting of key sustainability markers.”

We are proud to be part of the ICA, which includes hyperscale companies AWS, Google, Meta and Microsoft, representing some of the largest digital infrastructure portfolios in the world. More than 40 colocation data center providers as well as product, service and investment firms that fund, build and operate the foundation and drive the supply chain also are ICA members.

The iMasons organization was established “to provide infrastructure executives and technical professionals an independent forum to connect, grow and give back.” Sustainability is one of the key tenets to their overall mission: to Unite the Builders of the Digital Age.

Making Sustainability a Top Priority

Download the CoreSite Sustainability Report to learn more about our commitment to sustainability.

Forbes recently listed the top 10 tech trends in 2022 and included new energy solutions in that roster. Innovation is critical to every part of data center providers’ commitment to sustainability initiatives. It’s why we recently integrated magnetically levitated centrifugal compressors at BO1 and are using lithium ion batteries in CH2, our purpose-built colocation data center in downtown Chicago. 

In addition to reviewing the new Sustainability Report, we invite you to see how we are implementing sustainability best practices in our facilities and are providing disclosures to customers, who are factoring sustainability more than ever into their choice of colocation services provider.

When you are ready, schedule a tour of a CoreSite data center near you, your customers and your digital ecosystem.

Ben Garrard | Vice President of Product Management
Ben Garrard is the Vice President of Product Management at CoreSite and brings over 16 years of industry experience to the company.