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Optimizing the Content Journey – From Creation Through Consumption – for the Media and Entertainment Industry

To stream or not to stream? The answer is “to stream,” according to Nielsen, who reported that streaming services captured more viewers than cable or broadcast TV for the first time ever in July 2022.1 Thanks to being digital transformation early adopters, M&E enterprises are able to deliver a viewer experience that is preferred over cable and broadcast TV.

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The over the top (OTT) market is steadily growing as more consumers turn to streaming.² Source: PwC

Of course, there’s more to the story than that. For stakeholders in the production process and the many enterprises offering subscription services, developing and monetizing content that continues to meet changing preferences depends on working smarter. By leveraging clouds and digital ecosystem interconnection, they can speed production and better control distribution costs. 

With many options literally at hand – all it takes is a few clicks on a smartphone – it’s easy for customers to be fickle, making today’s M&E superstars into tomorrow’s has-beens. So, what can Apple, Disney, Netflix, Nintendo and all the service industry creatives do to make sure they hang on to their top billing status? 

How We Meet M&E Technical and Business Objectives 

CoreSite has recently released a white paper covering both the business and technology advantages that M&E stakeholders can achieve through a multicloud and hybrid IT strategy. Although I won’t go into detail here, I will tell you that Media and Entertainment Industry Trends – Maximizing Monetization with Hybrid Cloud and Next-Gen Networks provides a springboard for discussion on: 

  • Moving data rapidly, securely and at lower cost among multiple production teams
  • Increasing the number of digital platforms that reach customers 
  • Cultivating new markets 
  • Scaling cloud services in response to unforeseen project demands
  • Accessing video, audio or project management services only as needed
  • Becoming a future-ready entity

Let’s look closer at what future-ready means. Resilience is more important than ever, and you need to be prepared for “business plot twists” you could never see coming. M&E enterprises are positioned better than those in many other industries in that regard. M&E ranked third among eight industries in the 2022 Future-Ready Business Benchmark Survey by research firm Economist Impact, ahead of healthcare, manufacturing and utilities, for example.

We Can Be a Hub in Your Workflow, Maximizing Monetization

Get the full white paper here to learn how CoreSite helps M&E stakeholders leverage data centers to meet business and technology objectives.
You don’t have to be an early adopter, but you do need to streamline your workflow if you’re going to be able to keep pace in an industry where “on-demand” describes the state of the industry for M&E enterprises, content distributors and consumer preferences.

You can take the next step in optimizing the content journey by reading Media and Entertainment Industry Trends – Maximizing Monetization with Hybrid Cloud and Next-Gen Networks. It’s available to you without requiring any contact information.

Erick Dela Pena | Director of Sales Engineering | A veteran of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program
Director of Sales Engineering A veteran of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, Erick continues to serve clients and their mission-critical applications by providing thoughtful technical solutions in the continually evolving IT infrastructure environment. Erick started his career at CoreSite on the Data Center Operations team more than 10 years ago and has acquired extensive knowledge of infrastructure and network capabilities. He applies that knowledge to consult and develop solutions for CoreSite’s partners as a Director of Sales Engineering.