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Solve Wicked IT Problems with Hybrid Thinking: a New White Paper from CoreSite

I have been with CoreSite for 13 years, which has put me in a great position to witness the evolution of the cloud and the role colocation has in helping enterprises reach their business objectives. As this current stage develops, our customers are rethinking their IT infrastructure to achieve the interconnection, security, resiliency, flexibility and scalability needed to pivot as digital business requirements change. 

However, formulating a multi-cloud, network-optimizing strategy enabling command over immediate digital enterprise requirements – and future-proofing the business – is a “wicked IT problem.”

I invite you to read: “How Enterprises Solve Wicked IT Problems”

We have released a white paper exploring the complexity inherent with enterprise-scale multi-cloud and hybrid IT deployments. The discussion is based on these three areas:

  • Why Hybrid IT Now? – Support for why you can meet current and future business objectives with today’s available digital transformation tools.
  • Enabling Infrastructure Technologies – The “coming of age” of digital infrastructure resources, including digital ecosystems, which we can help you integrate and manage.
  • The Case for Colocation – Why colocation is an essential element in hybrid IT, and managing the integrated set of resources that form your IT infrastructure.

As the author, I’m confident that “How Enterprises Solve Wicked IT Problems, Colocation's Role as the Hybrid IT Solution Nexus provides highly relevant insights that will guide your thinking as you determine the next steps in your digital transformation. 

As a matter of fact, “hybrid thinking” is one of the many points of discussion, along with workload deployment, latency, security and other factors that shape your path forward.

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Aleks Krusko | Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Digitization
Aleks Krusko is responsible for the execution of CoreSite’s digital strategies through technology, automation and business transformation. She leads the IT Solutions Delivery and IT Operations teams, including software development, system support, information security and business intelligence. Aleks joined CoreSite in 2008.