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Welcome to the New CoreSite, an American Tower Company

Juan Font, President of CoreSite and SVP of American Tower - Full BIO here

Many of you know that I am taking on a new role – President of CoreSite and SVP of American Tower. Thanks to the hard work and vision of past President and CEO Paul Szurek, the rest of the senior leadership team and all of my other colleagues at CoreSite, we are embarking on the next chapter in our company’s journey. I’m honored to be in a position to help define that chapter as we become part of American Tower.

We often talk about the flywheel effect here at CoreSite. It references the momentum generated by the communities of digital platforms as they interoperate in a mutually reinforcing way. Our interconnection ecosystem becomes richer and therefore more desirable, which attracts new companies to our data center campuses, which propels us to add scale, thus perpetuating this virtuous cycle. I can confidently say that becoming part of the American Tower family just provided a turbo boost to our flywheel, and the timing couldn’t be better for our company and our customers.

As enterprises accelerated their digital transformation initiatives to overcome the challenges of 2020 and 2021, the advantages of being able to interconnect with all the major digital platforms that underpin the digital economy, within a single data center campus, became clearer than ever. Today, regardless of what stage in the continuum between private and public cloud (hybrid IT infrastructure) implementation a given enterprise might be, it clearly will benefit from deploying IT infrastructure at a campus where networks, native cloud onramps and the Open Cloud Exchange® are just a cross connect away. Add the full suite of retail colocation services such as a customer service delivery platform and 24/7 remote hands, and establishing a high-performance, multicloud architecture has never been a more accessible proposition. Our ability to continue offering that, but with larger scale and in a broader number of markets, is immediately enhanced by becoming part of American Tower.

I am excited and proud to be part of an organization that has the assets, the capabilities and the people that will help build the next generation of mobile data services – 5G. The convergence of wireline and wireless communications should become a critical enabler for 5G applications as they become prevalent. And CoreSite with American Tower will be uniquely positioned to offer seamless, end-to-end connectivity between mobile data networks at the tower and digital platforms at the data center campus. 

At the top of this post, I mentioned that the timing of the acquisition was great. The complementary global communications real estate portfolio and financial wherewithal that American Tower brings will help accelerate our growth and leadership in the emerging 5G digital ecosystem. 

It’s a new year, and a new beginning. Welcome to the new CoreSite, an American Tower Company.

Juan Font
President of CoreSite and SVP of American Tower

Juan Font | President and CEO of CoreSite and SVP of American Tower
Juan is responsible for leading CoreSite’s strategy, innovation and growth while delivering value to customers, partners, shareholders and communities where CoreSite and American Tower operate.