Why It Pays to Be a CoreSite Partner – Interview with Maile Kaiser and The Channel Company

I recently met with Katie Bavoso from The Channel Company to discuss how IT services and solutions providers can create more business by partnering with CoreSite. We exchanged thoughts on the diverse markets and customers CoreSite serves, the opportunities that our digital ecosystem offers and how CoreSite delivers customer experiences that build and grow business – for all stakeholders. 

Of course, we are always interested in adding new partners to our digital ecosystem – we want to grow and deliver transformative customer experiences together with you. 

Without further ado, I invite you to watch the interview…

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In this five-minute video, you’ll learn how CoreSite helps its partners uncover new revenue streams for their business or define ways to save cost and improve the performance of their applications.

We’ve provided a transcript of the conversation, edited for clarity.

Why Customers Come to CoreSite

Katie: The proliferation of data is driving digital transformation for businesses. To keep pace with this demand, organizations need data centers that can easily support hybrid IT infrastructure and accommodate the demands of the business. CoreSite provides an IT nexus where a diverse ecosystem of partners, including top cloud providers, service integrators, networks and enterprises, interoperate and collaborate to accelerate business initiatives.

For more on this I'm joined by Maile Kaiser, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CoreSite, a leading hybrid IT solutions provider and subsidiary of American Tower Corporation.

Welcome, Maile.

Maile: Well, thank you so much for having me. Hi, Katie.

Katie: Great to have you with me today, Maile. Let’s start with the basics. What kinds of customer businesses does CoreSite typically serve? And what problems are they looking to you and your partners to solve?

Maile: We look at our customers in three different categories. We work very closely with network carriers and service providers, cloud and hosting companies, and then enterprises. Enterprise can consist of pretty much every different industry, from digital platforms to media and entertainment, financial services, healthcare.

Why do they come to CoreSite? I think so many companies are going through a digital transformation. Enterprises traditionally had all of their IT infrastructure sitting on-prem, in their own office or data center. And they're realizing as they’re trying to modernize their business and their critical infrastructure, that it’s really important to have very close proximity to their partners in their digital workflow.

And they are realizing that the best way to do that is to migrate into a colocation facility, such as CoreSite, that offers a very interconnection-rich ecosystem of companies, that can offer the services that those customers need to partner with.

Challenges to Hybrid IT

Katie: Maile, you talked about what some of your customer businesses face. But what limitations do your customers face regarding their mission-critical IT infrastructure, and how are CoreSite solutions built to solve these challenges?

Maile: CoreSite's really here to help them future-proof their business. And to help them find and uncover either new revenue streams for their business or define ways to save cost and improve the performance of their applications. We really cover both sides of the gamut, depending on the type of customer that we're working with.

For instance, with a traditional enterprise who's really looking to save cost and improve performance of their application, coming to CoreSite, we offer that lower latency connection directly into their cloud, service provider or network partners. It allows them to interoperate all of their workloads in a much closer proximity with much higher bandwidth and bring down that cost of all of that interconnection.

And then on the other side, we have several partners that are looking to be able to help support that transformation with their services. They're looking for ways to increase their revenue stream, for ways to connect to those customers that are available at CoreSite.

CoreSite Partner Program Advantages

Katie: Why should channel providers consider partnering with CoreSite?

Maile: That's a great question, Katie, and I think the really important thing to know is we recognize, as CoreSite, that we offer space and power and interconnection services as our core business, but there is so much more the customer is looking for to complete their hybrid IT infrastructure.

Whether it’s access to security, or managed services, or consulting, or anything else that they’re looking for, we recognize that there’s an entire partner network that needs to support that customer. And we have built that ecosystem of partners for the last 20 years, knowing that for that customer to be successful, it takes a village. And we’re bringing the village to the customer.

Creating New Revenue Streams by Partnering with CoreSite

Katie: Last question today, Maile, but arguably one of the most important ones. How can partners create more business revenue streams with CoreSite, and how do you support them to go to market and close deals?

Maile: Our partners need to believe that they're going to make money with CoreSite, and that is why we're here. And they also need to make sure that they’re finding the best home for their customer. They’re the trusted advisor to their customer, and we need to be able to deliver to their expectations. We have an entire program set to do that for them. We want them to come in and know that not only is CoreSite a great place for the customer for their immediate opportunity, but for their future as well.

In addition to that, we are continuously looking at opening new markets. Every time a customer needs to go into a new market, that’s a new source of revenue for them if they’re looking to register that opportunity with CoreSite. And, we have a marketplace of customers and partners that our partners can set up their own agreements with and see if there’s a mutual solution that they can offer to each other, that can help with additional revenue streams.

Katie: Maile, thank you so much for joining me today. And thanks to you at home for joining us. If you'd like to learn more about partnering with CoreSite, you can check out the information on your screen.

Once more for The Channel Company, I'm Katie Bavoso. Thanks for watching.

Let’s Start Our Partnership

When you are ready to start our partnership, visit the Channel Partner page on our website. We’ll follow up by learning more about your company and exploring how we can collaborate.

Maile Kaiser

Maile Kaiser

Chief Revenue Officer

Maile is the Chief Revenue Officer for CoreSite.

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