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Delivering Streaming Video Content to Major Movie Studios and Creators Around the World

Arcadian cost-effectively transforms digital files into streamable content with CoreSite's reliable colocation

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Los Angeles Data Centers




Offices in Los Angeles, Manila and Singapore

The Challenge

Providing Arcadian's large production studio clients with high-quality digital files requires intense compute capabilities. To minimize security risks, Arcadian prefers to work with these files directly in its clients' public cloud environments. However, this can incur substantial cloud costs—potentially up to 5x that of working on-premises. To limit these expenses, Arcadian needs a reliable, secure colocation deployment to allow the company to work on its most time-consuming projects within the data center, while addressing less complex projects within the cloud.

Arcadian's existing colocation deployment lacked the security to protect its systems and did not offer the services to meet its clients' intensifying needs. To support its growth strategy and protect its clients' digital assets, Arcadian needed a new partner.

The Solution

CoreSite came highly recommended, offering all the services Arcadian needs to support its clients' existing expectations, while positioning the company for future growth. Arcadian now has a colocation deployment in CoreSite's Los Angeles data center campus, which is one of the media and entertainment industry's largest technology ecosystems. CoreSite's LA campus allows clients like Arcadian to transfer proprietary content seamlessly, bypassing the public internet and reducing transit/transport costs while increasing productivity.

The data center also offers physical security measures, including multiple access controls, perimeter and interior cameras and 24x7x365 security officers to ensure only authorized personnel can access Arcadian's cages. CoreSite's LA campus provides a highly reliable environment featuring the electrical, mechanical and connectivity redundancies to ensure uptime so Arcadian can work on its clients' files uninterrupted.

CoreSite also differentiated itself from other colocation providers with its AWS native onramp, which will allow Arcadian to establish private, low-latency connectivity between its colocation deployment in the LA campus and AWS to extend Arcadian's on-premises infrastructure into the cloud.

Balancing Security and Costs for Movie Studios with Colocation

Arcadian's clients expect the company to perform its work in the most efficient and economical environment. With CoreSite, Arcadian can work on straightforward digital files within the cloud to limit risk, while addressing more complex projects within its colocation environment to control cloud costs. This deployment also offers economies of scale unavailable with the cloud, allowing Arcadian to integrate new customers into its environment without escalating costs.

Diverse It Services Empower Arcadian to Adapt to New Demands

Streaming is the future of content delivery, and CoreSite enables Arcadian to seamlessly address industry innovation. With a full suite of solutions, and the flexibility and scalability to adapt to developing needs, CoreSite helps Arcadian build a dynamic IT environment that keeps pace with evolving media advancements and the challenges that come with them.

Highly Reliable Environment Promotes Productivity for Faster File Delivery

The highly reliable, high-performing environment of CoreSite's LA campus supports the efficiency of Arcadian's workflows. With a 100% uptime SLA, Arcadian can work on projects without disruptions that can impede its work processes. This uninterrupted environment will be even more critical as Arcadian moves into live streaming, which has significantly less tolerance for downtime—or even latency.

Aws Direct Connect Positions Agency for Improved Performance and Cost Savings

While Arcadian is not currently using CoreSite's AWS native cloud onramp, it has plans to integrate this solution soon. This direct connectivity will allow Arcadian to access AWS through a private, secure connection that can reduce latency by up to 40% and improve security between the cloud and CoreSite's LA campus to protect original content and other files from hackers. AWS Direct Connect will also allow Arcadian to automate workflows and significantly reduce cloud fees that can undercut its and its clients' own bottom lines.

“Streaming content is here to stay. By partnering with CoreSite and leveraging our hybrid IT infrastructure, Arcadian can provide any solution our clients request. CoreSite enables our growth strategy and allows us to deliver the solutions our clients want in the most secure, efficient and economical way.”
Joe Waltzer
Founder at Arcadian

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