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Cherry Servers offers custom cloud infrastructure-as-a-service solutions using CoreSite’s high-density capabilities and dynamic interconnections

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The Challenge

Cherry Servers’ commitment to providing unmatched, customized cloud infrastructure-as-a-service solutions has driven growth rates of 50% over the last five years. With nearly 25% of its revenue originating in the U.S., the company wanted to introduce a U.S. point of presence (POP) to keep pace with this growth, address customer demand and supplement its existing data center locations in Lithuania and Amsterdam. Given its robust platform and intense customer requirements around availability and compute, Cherry Servers needed a colocation facility with high-density capabilities, a 100% uptime service level agreement (SLA) and a dynamic ecosystem of interconnections.

The Solution

Cherry Servers’ existing and potential customers offered positive reviews of CoreSite, earning the data center provider a spot on the company’s short list of colocation partners. Ultimately, Cherry Servers deployed two high-density cabinets in CoreSite’s purpose-built downtown Chicago (CH2) location. The scalable, network-dense and cloud-enabled facility ensures Cherry Servers can support its growth trajectory and deliver the U.S. connections its customers’ demand. Additionally, CH2 offers access to CoreSite’s Open Cloud Exchange® (OCX), which allows Cherry Servers to easily create and manage one-to-many cloud connections over a private network.

The Outcomes


CH2 provides Cherry Servers and its customers with an extensive selection of connectivity options, including a wide array of cloud, network and IT providers as well as access to multiple peering exchanges, such as CoreSite’s Any2Exchange® for Internet peering, AMS-IX Chicago, United IX Chicago and DE-CIX. The network-rich ecosystem also offers native access to AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure Express Route and Google Cloud Platform for lower latency connections and no egress fees. Cherry Servers’ customers can leverage its open-source model to take advantage of these diverse options and build the specific connectivity strategies that empower their businesses.


While the company has some physical space limitations in its Lithuania-based data center, CH2’s 169,000-square-foot facility with 18 megawatt (MW) capabilities offers the space, power, cooling and connectivity to support Cherry Servers’ growth strategy. CoreSite’s portfolio of 28 data centers in 10 U.S. markets also offers opportunities for additional expansions within the U.S. to meet future demands.


CoreSite serves as an extension of Cherry Servers’ internal team. With CoreSite managing the data center, Cherry Servers can redirect its resources to focus on its core business—from engaging customers to discuss their needs, to building new and enhanced solutions, pricing strategies and customer-focused sales processes designed to expand its reach and better serve its customers. Utilizing CoreSite’s secure, high-performing facility also allows Cherry Servers to speed its deployment in this crucial market, eliminating the time, effort and expense of building its own data center and allowing the company to more quickly provide its customers with a U.S. POP.


Cherry Servers prides itself on delivering an exceptional customer experience—and that begins with the unwavering availability of its platform. CH2’s redundant architecture integrates N+2 power and cooling and diverse fiber entry routes to promote a highly reliable environment that ensures Cherry Servers’ platform and its customers’ cloud deployments remain online and operating. CoreSite’s commitment to an always-on environment is backed by a 100% uptime SLA.

“We are committed to reinvesting in our business to provide our customers with powerful cloud infrastructure services of ever-increasing quality and sophistication. Our partnership with CoreSite allows us to focus on core customer requirements, rather than manage a data center.”



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