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Enabling Low-Cost, Always-Available Telecommunication Platforms

CarrierX supports meteoric rise of teleconferencing with CoreSite's flexible, scalable data center solution


4300 Pacific Coast Hwy Long Beach, CA 90804

The Challenge

CarrierX is a long-standing customer of CoreSite. When the pandemic forced enterprises to instantly shift to remote work models, CarrierX's business grew exponentially in a matter of days. To meet this sudden spike in demand for unified communications as a service (UCaaS), CarrierX needed to quickly expand its footprint within its data centers—including CoreSite's downtown Los Angeles facility (LA1). This enlarged space also required additional power and cooling as well as a diverse network of carriers to promote the reliability of the solution and ensure remote customers could remain connected and continue to operate.

The Solution

CoreSite's 173,000+ sq. ft. LA1 facility provided the space to allow CarrierX to expand its existing presence in one of the most densely interconnected data centers in the world. LA1 also offers access to hundreds of service providers and serves as an access point to multiple subsea cables to enable low-latency gateways to the global market. The facility offers the proper power and cooling required to support CarrierX's intense public switch telephone network (PSTN) infrastructure.

Maintaining Low-cost Ucaas with Competitive Pricing

CoreSite worked with CarrierX to offer an effective pricing strategy that allowed the company to increase its LA1 footprint and meet its exponential growth needs, while continuing to deliver high-quality, low-cost services amidst a global pandemic. CoreSite was significantly more responsive and flexible with pricing than CarrierX's other major data center providers, ultimately offering a three-year agreement with grandfathered pricing for this added capacity.

Confidence in It Solutions Fostered by Responsive, Customer-focused Service

CarrierX is a firm believer that business still happens between people. CoreSite's customer-first approach and responsiveness deliver an unrivaled customer experience that ensures CarrierX feels heard and supported. CoreSite's long-term retention of its employees also allows CarrierX to develop strong relationships that allow the organizations to work together to quickly resolve issues. This commitment to partnering with customers like CarrierX helps CoreSite achieve a customer satisfaction score that tops the industry average.

Supporting Hyper Growth with Scalable Infrastructure

CoreSite's highly scalable environment allowed CarrierX to quickly increase its existing space, power and cooling to meet the new demands of an instantly remote workforce. This allowed CarrierX to support the unanticipated surge in teleconferencing and other communications platforms to ensure its customers were able to support a virtual work environment.

Providing Global Teleconferencing Services Through Reliable Infrastructure and Dynamic Connectivity Options

CoreSite provides access to hundreds of telecom carriers, allowing CarrierX to build a diverse connectivity strategy that limits its risk and ensures the availability and resilience of its environment. The wealth of carriers accessible within LA1 also introduces competition into the marketplace to help improve pricing, which allows CarrierX to maintain low-cost services for its customers. CoreSite's redundant systems and best practices also ensure the reliability of its environment to ensure CarrierX's customers achieve the unrelenting uptime they demand.

“CarrierX's relationship with CoreSite is a difference maker. The responsiveness of the CoreSite team makes it easier to get things done and ensure we can deliver the best communication services to our customers.”
Alan Chow
Network Facilities and Special Project Manager, Carrierx

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