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Enabling Real-Time Collaboration on Large Digital Files for Media and Entertainment Industry

Sohonet provides highly scalable, low-latency media solutions with CoreSite's connectivity-rich hybrid IT


London Office (European HQ) 5 Soho Street, London, W1D 3DG, UK

The Challenge

Unlike other industries that transmit massive quantities of small files between many different locations, the media and entertainment industry moves extremely large files and data sets between very few locations. The sheer size of these data sets demands intense scalability to address the compute, storage and bandwidth requirements necessary for remote, real-time collaboration. However, this scale is only necessary for the duration of the project. To control costs, Sohonet's customers need to turn capacity down when a project is complete. Equally important is the speed and reliability of data delivery. Working under strict deadlines, Sohonet's customers require stable, low-latency connections to avoid the delivery lags, interruptions and downtime that can impact workflows. They also need robust security to protect their digital assets as the costs to recreate a movie scene or special effect can be hefty.

The Solution

To meet these needs, Sohonet leverages CoreSite's reliable, secure colocation and cost-effective interconnection services. With its specialized equipment, steady-state applications, and data at CoreSite's highly connected downtown Los Angeles (LA1) facility, Sohonet has access to 330+ networks, including global carriers, subsea cables, metro networks, SDNs and more. LA1 also offers direct onramps to the public cloud and a variety of peering exchanges, including CoreSite's Any2Exchange® for Internet peering, which offers interconnection and peering opportunities through simple, direct connections.

Supporting Large Production Files and Controlling Costs with Burstable Cloud Capacity

CoreSite's hybrid IT environment allows Sohonet to strategically place workloads with the appropriate reliability, scalability and security required to run its business. Sohonet can house its specialized equipment and steady-state assets within a data center, while using cloud for large files that require elastic capacity.

Diverse, High-speed Connections Enable Real-time Media Collaboration

In Sohonet's business the speed and reliability of delivering large media files is critical to enable remote, real-time collaboration. CoreSite's flexible bandwidth and low-latency connectivity options quickly move bulk data and render images to empower live interactions across the globe. Utilizing CoreSite's connectivity options, customers can access the compute, storage and networking they need at the edge for rapid deliveries. Direct onramps to major cloud providers further minimize the number of hops to speed connectivity and allow teams to seamlessly work together to improve decision-making and productivity.

Strengthening the Customer Base with a Dynamic Data Center Ecosystem

As the most connected data center on the West Coast, LA1 offers a powerful ecosystem that helps Sohonet attract customers by offering a meeting point to interconnect with public cloud providers, telcos, service providers, partners and customers. Using CoreSite's Any2Exchange®, organizations can expand this ecosystem while avoiding the costs and added latency of third-party networks.

Meeting Tight Deadlines and Protecting Media Assets with Reliable, Secure Infrastructure

CoreSite's secure IT environment protects Sohonet's specialized workstations as well as the data of both it and its customers. The data center's robust security measures and best practices include controlled access with key cards and biometric scanners; perimeter and interior cameras; 24x7x365, on-site security personnel. To ensure the reliability and performance of the colocation environment, CoreSite utilizes diverse utility feeds; N+1 power, backup and mechanical redundancies; and a 100% uptime SLA. The Open Cloud Exchange's® direct connections also ensure stronger security than the public internet. This level of security and reliability helps ensure the safety of digital assets from typical security concerns as well as against public data leaks before cinematic releases.

“The entertainment industry works with extremely large data sets. CoreSite provides the secure, reliable and highly scalable backbone that allows our tools to help them collaborate in real time and meet their intense deadlines.”
Patrick Sumby
Vice President, Global Engineering

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