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Elite research university cut costs 33% while empowering the next generation of researchers with colocation and dedicated cloud connectivity

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The Challenge

  • Sustainably providing adequate power and cooling to a supercomputer
  • Empowering researchers with robust data tools and more collaboration
  • Reducing real estate and operating costs

The Solution

The research university is using CoreSite colocation and cloud connectivity solutions to consolidate infrastructure operations into a cost-effective, energy-efficient and well-connected data center to reduce operating costs while enhancing the data collection, processing and transportation capabilities of research teams spanning a wide range of important subjects.

The Results

  • Eliminated up to 95% of supercomputer heat at 33% lower cost with liquid-based cooling
  • Gained on-demand access to essential storage and compute capacity with a private direct connection to Google Cloud Platform
  • Accelerated data transfer and knowledge sharing among research collaborators
  • Relocated from high-priced urban data centers which significantly reduced real estate expense

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