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Navigating the Global Securities Market with Technology-Driven Trading

IMC Trading implements cost-lowering trading strategies with CoreSite's highly scalable, flexible hybrid IT solution


Willis Tower 233, South Wacker Drive, Suite 4300 Chicago, IL 60606, USA

The Challenge

Operating in the volatile, fast-paced securities market, IMC Trading has rigorous security, compliance and networking demands. To ensure the availability and resiliency of its operations, the trading firm utilizes a hybrid IT strategy across multiple geographies. While trading is conducted within data centers that host the exchanges, some workloads reside within other colocation and cloud environments. These include its development and analytics environments, trading support systems and corporate IT functions. To support its growth and deliver the uptime and performance necessary to drive results for market participants, the trading firm began a comprehensive search to find a modern data center solution with robust security, connectivity and flexibility.

The Solution

CoreSite's cutting-edge New York campus offered a highly scalable, network-dense hybrid IT solution to meet IMC's needs. Strategically located near major exchanges, the connectivity rich campus allows IMC to connect with its various carrier, network and cloud partners as well as an ecosystem of enterprises to help strengthen its business strategy. The native cloud onramps within the facility allow IMC to place workloads in the most appropriate environment to support security, performance and budgetary demands. IMC can also interconnect its entire portfolio of IT environments to promote interoperability and ensure its employees have the resources they need to drive its trading strategies, regardless of where those resources reside.

Business Growth Supported by a Scalable, High-performing Environment

By selecting CoreSite's New York campus to build a strategy that adapts to the changing needs of the financial market, IMC can leverage access to native cloud onramps with direct connectivity to all the major public cloud providers as well as 60+ networks, including global carriers, subsea cables, metro networks and software-defined networks (SDNs).

Native cloud onramps also allow IMC to seamlessly boost its compute and storage needs to provide the capacity for optimized performance as well as reduce data transfer costs and eliminate egress fees. The modern facilities can easily scale both space and bandwidth to accommodate IMC's growth and deliver the performance IMC needs to deliver its highly automated systems and trading strategies that ensure tighter ‘spreads' between bid and offer prices, thus lowering transaction costs for buyers and sellers.

Uninterrupted Trading Support Services Through Cutting-edge Infrastructure

CoreSite continually invests in its infrastructure to ensure reliable, world-class facilities that can support the most intense requirements and deliver unrelenting uptime. Its redundant systems and interconnections provide the resiliency of its operations, and CoreSite's experienced team of experts ensures the environment is appropriately managed and maintained to minimize performance issues. This allows IMC to confidently focus on its core business rather than data center management.

Improved Business Outcomes with Flexible It Solutions and a Partner Mindset

Offering build-to-suit options and adaptable processes, CoreSite allows IMC to tailor environments to meet its existing and emerging technical requirements to better support trading functions. The flexibility and responsiveness of the CoreSite team also support ease of business by simplifying daily operations and delivering timely solutions that provide IMC with the information and support it needs. CoreSite also offers competitive commercial terms to improve IMC's cost effectiveness.

Protecting Sensitive Financial Data and Processes with Secure, Compliant Practices

CoreSite helps IMC meet the rigorous compliance obligations of the financial sector using a multi-layered security program that integrates perimeter fencing, biometrics, badge readers, security cameras, 24/7/365 security personnel and best practices. CoreSite expertly balances these robust security measures with ease of access for authorized personnel. This is important to IMC as it frequently moves servers and other equipment between its New York-area facilities. CoreSite also possesses the certifications IMC needs to operate effectively in the highly regulated trading market.

“Cutting-edge technology is at the heart of all we do. CoreSite is a key part of our hybrid IT environment and provides the colocation solutions and cloud onramps needed to help our businesses operate at an optimal level.”
Mike Katsiadas
Head of It Business Operations, Imc Trading

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