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Providing Cloud Data Storage and Replication at a Fifth of the Cost of Legacy Cloud Providers

Backblaze Storage Cloud ensures local availability and data resilience with CoreSite's scalable facility, native cloud onramps and Open Cloud Exchange®

The Challenge

With data storage and redundancy increasingly integral to effective, compliant business operations, Backblaze's cloud storage business was expanding. While the company utilized multiple data centers globally, it wanted to expand service in the eastern data region to enhance its customers' cloud storage options and strengthen data performance and diversity. Given the growth potential of its business, Backblaze also wanted an IT infrastructure provider that could scale to meet future business requirements.

The Solution

CoreSite's Reston, Virginia (VA2) data center provided the East Coast location the company sought, which gave the company geographic diversity and enabled it to provide an exabyte of capacity to support its customers' growing needs. To protect the integrity of Backblaze's operations and its customers' data, VA2 offers redundant infrastructure and robust security, including security personnel at both the property and building entrances, biometric and key card access controls and 24x7x365 monitoring. The facility also supports SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, and HIPAA compliance requirements to reinforce the safety and availability of customer data.

In addition, CoreSite offers the on-net carriers Backblaze requires, as well as native cloud onramps that allow Backblaze customers to replicate their data from hyperscale cloud providers to the Backblaze platform without egress fees.

Eastern Data Region Improves Performance and Diversifies Data

With a presence in the east, Backblaze provides customers with more choices around where to replicate and store their data. The new deployment increases access speed for customers based in the eastern U.S. to minimize latency. This geographic diversity also supports redundancy, allowing customers to back up data in geographically disparate locations to meet compliance and continuity requirements and protect against cyberattacks.

Collaboration Speeds Time to Market

While the northern Virginia location and reliable infrastructure are critical, CoreSite's customer-focused team is a key differentiator for Backblaze, whose internal staff are onsite at VA2 seven days a week. CoreSite's accessible, knowledgeable team seamlessly meshes with Backblaze's personnel, offering open lines of communication that enable the cloud storage provider to interact directly with CoreSite team members when needed, in addition to leveraging the service delivery platform. Working closely with CoreSite helps Backblaze address expanding customer requirements, meet tight customer timelines and speed solution delivery to ensure customers can store, use and protect their data seamlessly for an unmatched customer experience.

By consistently meeting internal deadlines, CoreSite helped Backblaze rapidly deliver its suite of cloud storage products to East Coast customers while also providing seamless integration to Backblaze's network and public cloud partners via the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange®.

Scalable Infrastructure Supports Future East Coast Growth

As data creation continues to surge, CoreSite's Reston Virginia campus and 188,000+ square-foot footprint at VA2 offer opportunities for future expansion in a data center market that is extremely space and power constricted.

This scalability is critical to ensure Backblaze's customers can enlarge their data storage solutions as needed in the company's fastest-growing region.

Native Cloud Onramps Control Costs for Customers

In addition to its competitive data center costs, CoreSite offers access to native cloud onramps that deliver an additional financial benefit to Backblaze's customers. By leveraging these direct connections, customers can copy data from legacy cloud storage providers, including AWS and its Amazon S3 platform, to the Backblaze platform without incurring egress fees.

“We are committed to making cloud storage and replication easy for our customers. CoreSite serves as a partner in this mission, helping us move forward and achieve the powerful results we want. There is a trust and camaraderie to the relationship.”
Chris Opat
Senior vice President of Cloud Operations at Backblaze

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