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Providing Sales Teams with On-Demand Access to Marketing Assets

RevBase® offers uninterrupted management of and access to marketing and sales resources with CoreSite's reliable colocation

CoreSite availability

Boston Data Centers


20 Main Street Suite 5 Acton, MA 01720

The Challenge

RevBase customers rely on the availability of the marketing asset management software to support their sales teams, which can include hundreds to thousands of internal salespeople and channel partners. These teams rely on current marketing resources to generate revenue, making the availability of IT infrastructure mission critical.

When their existing data center provider moved away from offering colocation space, the RevBase team turned to CoreSite to deliver a reliable environment that includes a 100% uptime service level agreement (SLA).

The Solution

The RevBase service delivery team deployed a cabinet in CoreSite's Boston data center (BO1) and retained its existing connectivity contract. BO1's highly redundant environment ensures the data center has no single points of failure. Additionally, its skilled Operations Team is onsite 24x7x365 to quickly address issues. The facility also offers multi-factor security controls and around-the-clock security personnel to protect the platform's infrastructure and ensure only authorized personnel can access the RevBase cabinet. CoreSite also participates in yearly compliance validation programs such as ISO 27001, SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2, NIST 800-53, HIPAA and PCI DSS to further ensure the security and reliability of its data centers.

100% Sla-backed Uptime Ensures Marketing Platform Is Always Available

Uptime is critical to provide RevBase customers with uninterrupted access to their marketing assets. BO1's resilient environment ensures the software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution is always available, so marketers can continually update and revise assets and sales teams can access the most relevant and timely resources, on demand.

Ease of Access Without Threatening Security

Bullseye Locations requires powerful security protocols that control access to the RevBase environment without being overly complex and burdensome. CoreSite's robust security protocols effectively walk this line, offering multi-factor security measures designed to allow approved visitors to easily enter the facility, while barring unauthorized individuals. This security is essential for the company, which leverages third-party vendors to manage its servers.

During COVID-19, CoreSite adapted its access procedures to address new health requirements without downgrading security. CoreSite proactively communicated these evolving practices, boosting confidence in the security of its IT environment and the safety of its team in the face of the pandemic.

Improved Productivity with Coresite's Dynamic Service Delivery Platform

CoreSite's software-defined service delivery platform offers next-level visibility and control over the data center environment. Paired with automated notifications, this insight into the data center environment improves the RevBase team's efficiency and planning by allowing them to track services and receive notifications when new equipment arrives. Moreover, the equipment notifications enable the team to better coordinate resources and avoid unnecessary trips to the data center to install equipment that has not yet arrived.

More Resources Dedicated to Innovation Thanks to Robust It Support

With limited resources, Bullseye Locations relies on CoreSite to address its IT needs. CoreSite's quality service and responsiveness allow the team to focus on enhancing its marketing platform, rather than managing the data center. Additionally, CoreSite's proactive communication keeps the company informed about data center happenings to improve their planning processes. This ongoing support allows Bullseye Locations to dedicate more time to developing its platform and supporting its customers' needs.

“Our customers rely on our software to store, manage and distribute their marketing resources. CoreSite ensures our platform is always available, so we can seamlessly support our customers.”
Scott Richardson
Revbase Team Lead, Bullseye Locations

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