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Real-Time Cyber Threat Detection Platform Leverages AI/ML to Reduce Risk and Improve Security

Seceon empowers MSPs, MSSPs and enterprises with enhanced cybersecurity services supported by CoreSite's reliable, secure colocation

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Boston Data Centers




238 Littleton Road, Suite #200, Westford, MA 01886, USA

The Challenge

MSPs and MSSPs across the globe rely on Seceon's security platform to identify and reduce cyber threat risks for themselves and their SMB and enterprise clients in real-time through automation and correlation of threat and vulnerability indicators. To support the intense compute required to transform raw data into crucial security insights, Seceon needed a data center partner that could scale to support the escalating processing demands of its AI-enabled platform. Seceon also needed this provider to deliver unrelenting uptime and security to ensure its platform could gather and analyze data without interruption.

The Solution

CoreSite's Boston (BO1) data center was an ideal fit for Seceon. The facility's proximity to Seceon's headquarters allows the cybersecurity company's internal IT team to visit the site as needed. BO1's optimized infrastructure also cools the intense heat emitted by Seceon's high-density, compute-intensive environment to ensure proper operations. With N+1 power and mechanical redundancies, 24-hour onsite fuel storage, blended IP and a 100% uptime SLA, the data center also ensures the availability Seceon needs to continually process data, deliver real-time alerts and mitigate threats without disruption.

BO1's scalable space and power also allows Seceon to expand its footprint in line with its growth and the ever-increasing data streams necessary to detect and block threats. Additionally, the data center features multiple biometric access controls, perimeter and internal IP-DVR, and 24x7x365 security personnel. It is also compliant with key standards and regulations, including SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, NIST 800- 53, PCI DSS and HIPAA.

Scalable Space and Power Supports Growth and Intense Compute to Deliver Critical Cybersecurity Protections

Since partnering with CoreSite, Seceon has grown substantially – just in the last year by more than 100% – adding and upgrading servers to allow the company to expand its ingestion capability from 500 billion events and flows per day to an expected 1.5 trillion within the next year. Seceon also plans to deploy a footprint in CoreSite's latest New York data center (NY3) to further support its growth in the Northeast.

Uptime Facilitates Real-time Cybersecurity Data

CoreSite's unwavering availability ensures Seceon can continually ingest and analyze essential telemetry to provide partners and enterprises with the most accurate visibility and cybersecurity threat detection alert and responses to protect users, endpoints and infrastructure from existing and emerging security risks. The quality of this security data and the visibility it yields helps Seceon build trust with its more than 300 partners, allowing them to confidently recommend the security solution to their 7,500+ end-user clients. CoreSite's SLA-backed uptime commitment also offers a peace of mind that allows Seceon's internal IT team to focus on its own business, knowing that CoreSite is managing the data center effectively.

Building Trust with Partners Through Robust Security and Compliance

Operating in the cybersecurity and technology spaces, Seceon and its partners take security and compliance seriously. CoreSite's robust physical security and certificates of compliance help Seceon demonstrate the integrity of its operations and help its partners meet their own regulatory requirements. The confidence this security and compliance builds is key as Seceon's partners' reputations are built on the efficacy of Seceon's services.

Strong Collaboration Helps Address the Rapidly Evolving Threat Landscape

CoreSite has proven to be a trusted partner, offering a flexibility that enables Seceon to keep pace with the intense and continually evolving demands of risk management. While other providers focus on selling their services, CoreSite takes the time to listen to Seceon and fully understand its needs to help the company build a cost-effective solution that improves its partners' abilities to safeguard their customers' businesses. CoreSite's responsiveness and follow through on commitments also helps Seceon answer questions and address issues quickly to continually strengthen its own business and allow its partners to confidently utilize and resell its platform.

“When you are dealing with continuous cyber threats in today's cybersecurity landscape, downtime is unacceptable. Any interruption means our platform cannot collect and analyze the telemetry that supports threat detection and mitigation. CoreSite provides a secure, reliable environment that supports this critical work. They are a trusted partner in our business.”
Chandra Pandey
Founder and CEO

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