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Seamless Online Remote Banking Provides Unrivaled Customer Experience and Service Support

Credit Union strengthens its financial service technology offerings with CoreSite's reliable, compliant environment

The Challenge

Growing customer preference for online banking has made uptime and infrastructure resilience more critical than ever. However, service disruptions with the credit union's existing data center provider threatened the availability of its platform—and ultimately, the customer experience. To continue to deliver the services its customers expect, the nearly 90,000-member organization needed a data center partner that could offer uninterrupted, secure access to its portfolio of online banking applications. It also wanted to shift its internal IT resources to delivering business-driving, customer-focused initiatives that enrich the banking experience and the value it provides its customers.

The Solution

The credit union's member organization recommended CoreSite, touting its best-of-breed, highly reliable facilities and customer-centric approach. Today, CoreSite meets the financial cooperative's needs on every level, delivering the reliability, security and support it needs to service its customers and meet the stringent compliance demands of the financial services industry. With its branch offices and customer base located throughout the greater Washington D.C. metro area, the credit union established a point of presence (POP) at one of CoreSite's purpose-built, enterprise-class data centers in the region.

Speedy Financial Transactions Achieved

Because of CoreSite's robust interconnection solutions, customers benefit from secure, reliable and lower latency connections to speed banking transactions and promote a seamless online banking experience.

Hybrid Footprint Easily Adapts to Changing Business Needs

While a secure data center presence is necessary to support some of the credit union's most sensitive workloads, CoreSite also offers direct, on-net connections to major cloud providers including AWS and Microsoft Azure to support the cooperative's long-term business strategy and objectives. This hybrid footprint allows the organization to easily adapt its environment to address evolving business needs and customer expectations.

Always-available Remote Banking Experience

CoreSite has the physical and logical redundancies in place to provide a 100% uptime service level agreement so credit union customers have uninterrupted access to their banking information.

Robust Security Addresses Rigorous Compliance Obligations

CoreSite's hardened facilities, 24/7 monitored environment and multi-layered security features protect the credit union's IT environment and safeguard its customers' private information. The facility and dedicated staff support FISMA and FedRAMP deployments and holds key compliance certifications to streamline audits, minimize risk and help the organization meet the complex compliance obligations of the financial services industry.

“When we joined CoreSite, everyone laid down the red carpet in the pre-sales stage—and the red carpet stayed down since we have become customers. Our experience continues to be phenomenal.”
Principal Network Engineer
At a Federal Credit Union

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