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Supporting Diverse Clients in Their Digital Transformations

Adela Technologies builds secure, customer-specific IT solutions with CoreSite colocation and native cloud onramps

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The Challenge

Adela Technologies offers its diverse customers the cloud environments they need to meet their unique requirements. To provide its commercial clients with DevSecOps, managed cloud and VMware hybrid cloud environments and help them manage their digital transformations, the Maryland-based MSSP needed a highly secure, flexible cloud environment. Recognizing that not all workloads are appropriate or cost effective in the cloud, Adela wanted to build a hybrid IT solution that integrates colocation and cloud to optimize workload placement.

The Solution

CoreSite provided a hybrid IT environment that combines secure, compliant colocation with native onramps to leading cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, Alibaba, IBM and Oracle. This solution allows Adela to deploy its physical servers in one of CoreSite's Virginia facilities, VA1. The MSSP used this infrastructure to build a multi-tenant cloud to support its customers' non-production workloads and provide the flexibility and FedRAMP readiness it will require to accredit its DevSecOps environment for the DoD.

To support production workloads, Adela leverages CoreSite's native cloud onramps to access AWS. The company also architected a dedicated environment in AWS to support clients who cannot operate in a shared environment. Additionally, the hybrid cloud solution offers a disaster recovery (DR) component, allowing Adela to utilize AWS for backups and failover if the data center experiences an outage.

Seamless Cloud Access with Native Cloud Onramps

CoreSite's native onramps offer easy cloud access that supports the MSSP's hybrid cloud environment and positions workloads in the most appropriate locations to balance security, costs and flexibility. Native access also supports forward-looking, strategic initiatives by allowing customers to seamlessly broaden their reaches—locally, nationally or globally—through multiple cloud providers. Adela's clients also use these direct connections to simplify the migration of beta test workloads into the production site, when ready.

Robust Security Protects Customer Operations

Adela utilizes its extensive experience with its Federal clients to ensure the security and compliance of its commercial customers operations. VA1's multi-layered physical security includes camera-monitored entries, biometrics and key card access, and around-the-clock monitoring to control access to the facility. Its secured cages and hardened construction add another layer of protection to address intense security requirements. Additionally, CoreSite's native cloud onramps bypass the public internet for added protections.

CoreSite also holds key certifications and compliance standards including SOC, ISO 27001, NIST 800-23, HIPAA and HITECH, and its VA1 facility offers compliance levels that support FISMA and FedRAMP deployments—a key differentiator to help Adela attain FedRAMP accreditation. The ability to deploy dedicated environments also helps clients meet their security and compliance obligations.

Cost-effective Solution Delivers More Value

Controlling costs is a major factor for Adela and its cost-conscious clients. CoreSite's competitive pricing model offers a more cost-effective solution than its competitors. Adela achieves additional savings by deploying a multi-tenancy platform. CoreSite's native cloud onramps reduce costs further by eliminating egress fees.

Enabling a Strong Customer Focus Through a Responsive Partnership

Without large IT teams, many customers rely on Adela to deliver key IT services. CoreSite serves as an extension of the MSSP, monitoring, managing and maintaining the data center environment to allow Adela to focus on its customers' IT needs. The partnership also offers support and expertise, including helping Adela address some technical challenges it faced while building its shared environment.

“CoreSite's hybrid IT solution allows us to use a single provider to support diverse workload requirements. By simplifying this relationship, we can dedicate more time to building environments that support our clients' business objectives.”
Fred Evans
Chief Operating Officer, Adela Technologies

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