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Supporting Mission-Critical Initiatives for the Federal Government

Multinational aerospace and defense company develops products backed by CoreSite's secure colocation and native cloud onramps

The Challenge

Faced with obsolete and inefficient IT systems, this multinational aerospace and defense company was preparing to decommission its existing in-house data center. To achieve the modern capabilities its intense workload demands, the company required a hybrid IT environment that integrated secure, compliant colocation and native cloud onramps. The defense company also required a data center provider that offered access to AT&T's diverse fiber network.

The Solution

The defense company partnered with CoreSite, deploying a private, secure environment with nearly 1 Megawatt of primary and redundant power as well as motion-sensing technology in its northern Virginia data center campus. CoreSite's world-class facility offers the protections the company requires to meet NIST and SOC compliances. These features include an advanced access control security system, biometric dual authentication entry requirements and 24x7x365 monitoring by onsite security personnel. CoreSite also provides direct, native cloud onramps to leading public cloud providers, including AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Google Cloud Interconnect, Oracle Cloud FastConnect and IBM Cloud Direct Link. This deployment offers AT&T UVN network access with dedicated and secure conduit infrastructure.

100% Availability Achieved Through Modern Infrastructure

CoreSite's leading-edge infrastructure allows the defense company to deliver mission-critical support to the U.S. government. The high-performing, carrier-dense environment utilizes redundancies across its critical systems, connectivity options and utility feeds to promote a highly reliable environment. CoreSite backs up this commitment with a 100% uptime SLA to ensure that the defense company continues its work uninterrupted.

Secure, Compliant Environment Safeguards Confidential Assets

CoreSite's highly secure environment ensures the defense company can protect its sensitive data. The physical infrastructure and security protocols in place allow the defense company to meet NIST and SOC compliances to minimize risk and ensure the safety of its IT environment.

Flexiblity to Securely Move Workloads into the Cloud with Native Cloud Onramps

With direct access to all major cloud providers, the defense company achieves low-latency connections and the flexibility to easily manage and scale its rapidly changing environment. This allows the company to move workloads into the cloud and create flexible environments that support evolving IT requirements.

Shared Commitment to Partnership Allows Additional Focus on Strategic Initiatives

As part of CoreSite's commitment to partnership as a core value, CoreSite collaborated with the defense company and AT&T to streamline the customized deployment to meet the required timeframe and achieve rapid speed to-market. With CoreSite managing and maintaining the data center environment, the defense company's IT team can focus on its core business to better support the company's strategic efforts.

“CoreSite is highly equipped to deliver end-to-end, secure and compliant solutions for the aerospace and defense community. Our purpose-built northern Virginia campus is the ideal location for government agencies and contractors to outsource their data center environments while ensuring the highest levels of connectivity, security and data compliance.”
Anthony Hatzenbuehler
SVP of Data Center Operations, Coresite

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