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Technology Solutions Provider Enables Clients to Focus on Their Own Businesses, Rather Than IT Infrastructure

Consist Technology offers full array of IT services backed by CoreSite's colocation services and customer-first commitment

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Atlanta Data Centers


Atlanta, GA

The Challenge

For Consist, providing customers with the technology solutions they need to successfully run their businesses begins with ensuring the availability and security of the IT environment. When its existing data center provider began experiencing service outages, Consist initiated a search for a more reliable and resilient data center to host its IT infrastructure. While its options for Atlanta-area facilities that could provide the requisite uptime, security, space, power and cooling was expansive, the field narrowed considerably when Consist factored in the human touch and its desire to partner with a provider committed to building a strong, sustainable relationship.

The Solution

Located just outside the Atlanta metro area, CoreSite's Atlanta AT2 data center offers reliable, secure colocation services as well as an engaging, responsive customer-focused team. The data center's “pod” design, which replaces large data halls with smaller areas of equipment and conference space, promotes a more comfortable and collaborative environment in which Consist can strategize and optimize its clients' IT environments. The facility offers the equipment and connectivity redundancies necessary to support uptime and the security controls to meet Consist's stringent compliance requirements, including SOC 1 Type 2.

Customer Confidence Grows with State-of-the-art Facilities

CoreSite's modern facilities provide a heightened level of credibility and confidence to Consist's business. Customers who tour the facility see firsthand its robust security controls and stature. Atlanta AT2 also offers redundant equipment to ensure the uptime Consist's customers demand. Its Blended IP product also promotes uptime by integrating multiple upstream internet service providers (ISP) and local internet exchanges to ensure seamless connectivity if one path falters.

Achieving Unmatched Services by Prioritizing Value over the Lowest Cost

While cost is always a consideration for small businesses, the value CoreSite delivers outweighs attaining the lowest price. CoreSite's value is encased in its leading-edge capabilities and commitment to the customer experience. CoreSite proactively looks for opportunities to introduce new services that enrich Consist's capabilities. Recently, Consist began to leverage the Open Cloud Exchange® (OCX), CoreSite's interconnection platform that simplifies and speeds the deployment of high-performance hybrid architectures, while reducing the total cost of operation. This innovative solution allows Consist to provide customers with services its competitors cannot offer for a competitive edge.

Customer Operations and Data Are Protected by Robust Security

CoreSite's Atlanta AT2 facility holds SOC1 Type 2 compliance and the necessary security protocols and controls to protect Consist's and its customers' infrastructure and data. CoreSite tightly controls data center access using access key cards, biometric scanners, perimeter and interior cameras, and 24x7x365 security personnel. By balancing these rigorous controls with effective security management protocols, CoreSite allows Consist to easily update its access list so authorized individuals can enter the facility as needed.

Service Delivery Strengthened by Human Interaction and a Responsive Team

CoreSite's responsiveness and proactive communications are integral to the success of the relationship. When an issue or need arises, Consist is able to speak with a real person and receive honest, straightforward answers that help optimize its clients' IT solutions. The power of the relationship, paired with CoreSite's breadth of services, makes Consist comfortable recommending CoreSite to customers who require their own hosting facilities.

“Our clients hire us to do one job: ensure their IT environments are secure, available and high performing. The services CoreSite offers and the support its team delivers help us succeed at this. It is the reason we are here and why we are super confident staying.”
Mark Coffin

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