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Telco and Internet Service Provider Accelerates Time to Market, Strengthens Application Performance

Atlantech offers enterprise customers low-latency, high-performing cloud connectivity with the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange®

The Challenge

Atlantec Online delivers fiber to more than 250 buildings in the Washington D.C. area. As the enterprises within these buildings continued to adopt hybrid cloud solutions, Atlantech wanted to add cloud connectivity to its suite of network services. While Atlantech already operateda robust network, it lacked direct, automated integrations into public clouds. Initially, Atlantech utilized direct connects to deliver this access. However, this proved to be cumbersome and inefficient for its IT team and its customers. Rather than taking on the large upfront investment and ongoing maintenance associated with building its own integration platform, Atlantech opted to partner with a solutions provider that could offer the necessary cloud integrations to speed deployment and deliver secure, high performing connections for its customers.

The Solution

CoreSite's Open Cloud Exchange® (OCX) provides the platform Atlantech needs to connect its enterprise customers to multiple cloud environments. Utilizing native cloud onramps within CoreSite's Washington D.C. data center, OCX establishes direct, secure and virtual connections to multiple service providers and the public cloud. Its one-to-many ethernet connection simplifies the modern network, allowing Atlantech to use a single cross connect to connect its customers to the clouds of their choosing and optimize access to cloud services.

Improved Agility and Efficiency with Rapid Time to Market

Offering rapid, automated service provisioning, OCX speeds deployment, allowing Atlantech to stand up circuits up in minutes and shrink service delivery from weeks to literally days. This improves the efficiency of Atlantech's IT team, enabling it to quickly meet the evolving needs of its enterprise customers.

Seamless End-user Experience with Low-latency Connectivity

As enterprises transition from local area network (LAN) configurations to cloud-based services, employees expect the same level of access and application performance to allow them to continue to work efficiently. CoreSite's cloud-adjacent, low-latency architecture minimizes the physical distance data has to travel to ensure more rapid delivery speed than the public internet.

Building Business-enhancing Partnerships with a Growing Ecosystem

CoreSite's diverse ecosystem offers Atlantech and its customers access to an expanding community of cloud, network and other service providers to help address their evolving business needs.

Cost Savings Achieved Through Direct Integrations and Native Onramps

OCX delivers a significant cost savings to Atlantech and its enterprise customers. OCX's one-to-many connectivity eliminates the need for multiple dedicated ports, allowing enterprises to access many providers through a single ethernet connection to save money. OCX also significantly reduces cloud data transfer and network services costs to decrease total cost of ownership (TCO).

“The partnership we have with CoreSite benefits our customers by solving connectivity and performance challenges from behind the scenes.”
Morgan Henry
Director of Sales, Atlantech Online

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