Global telecom provider joins forces with CoreSite to support expanded rollout of its next-generation cloud connectivity solutions.

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New York, NY

Year Founded


The Challenge

  • Select new data center providers to support growth and innovation
  • Provide scalability and security to support SecureCloud Interconnection
  • Add locations in key strategic markets
  • Maintain high standards of excellence

The Solution

• Leverage CoreSite cage colocation for high-density, cost effective hosting and connections in high-value markets

The Results

  • Positioned to capitalize on 70% anticipated growth in cloud apps development
  • Added locations in five strategic, high-value markets
  • Improved responsiveness to customer demands
  • Maintained security and improved customer service

"Anytime technology and people are involved, there are bound to be challenges. CoreSite’s team goes out of its way to respond to new issues quickly and take all the necessary steps to resolve them. It’s exactly the approach we expect from our solutions providers."

Shawn Hakl

Senior Vice President, Business Products

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