Voxility runs a powerful global platform connected to over 1500 other BGP networks to deliver any kind of network and cloud services.

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San Francisco, CA

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The Challenge

As the company’s client roster grew, so did its need for expanding its footprint within its premium colocated data centers. However, Voxility’s primary North American data center partner struggled to keep up with the organization’s scale demands, requiring months to stand up new cabinets or upgrade power supplies that cause the company to lose up to 15% of its projected sales because of delivery delays.

The Solution

The underperforming relationship led Voxility to CoreSite, which offered the easy scale, carrier density, and interconnected ecosystem of providers and ISPs the company needed to excel. CoreSite’s premium facilities enable rapid build outs of custom-configured racks and cages for more capacity, and the strategic edge locations in Virginia and Los Angeles are ideal for establishing low-latency connections with regional carriers and a robust disaster recovery plan. More importantly, CoreSite’s Marketplace and Any2Exchange give Voxility instant, direct access to thousands of prospective customers and partners to deliver sustainable long-term growth.

The Results

  • Delivered new cabinets in days/weeks, rather than months
  • Achieved 30% OpEx reduction with flexible pricing model
  • Added three new customers in the first month via Marketplace
  • Improved reputation and customer satisfaction scores

“Many data centers feel exclusive like a country club because they often cater to just a handful of specialty industries or small groups of enterprise companies. CoreSite has built a true peering ecosystem comprising a unique mix of IP traffic from different industries.”

Maria Sirbu

VP of Business Development at Voxility

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