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IaaS Provider Supports the World's Biggest Internet Hubs with Agility, Speed and Reliability

Comprehensive security services and networking capabilities are the keys to success for Voxility to meet customer demand and company growth strategy


San Francisco, CA

The Challenge

To provide customers with the always-available connections and services they need to satisfy the expectations of their own customers, Voxility partners with premium data center solutions providers across Europe and the U.S. With consistent double-digit yearly growth, Voxility needed to expand its footprint within these colocated data centers. However, its primary North American data center partner struggled to offer the scalability and the power the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider required, resulting in delivery delays that reduced projected sales by up to 15%.

The Solution

This underperforming relationship led Voxility to CoreSite, which offered the easy scale, carrier density, and interconnected ecosystem of providers and ISPs the company needed to excel. Voxility signed on with CoreSite, establishing presences in Virginia and Los Angeles data centers to support its North American customers.

New Customers Engaged Through Interconnected Ecosystem

CoreSite's Marketplace and Any2Exchange® service combine to offer Voxility instant, direct access to thousands of prospective customers and partners as well as seamless internet peering to enhance its network reach and performance. This interconnected ecosystem enables networks to freely interact, connect and build essential relationships that support long-term growth. Through CoreSite's ecosystem, Voxility added three new customers in just its first month.

Business Growth Backed by Unyielding Reliability

CoreSite's built-in redundancies ensure Voxility can offer the unrelenting availability its customers require. This reliability enhances its customers' reputations—as well as its own—to promote business growth and success.

Revenue Increase of 40% Driven by Rapid, Flexible Deployments

In Voxility's world, speed of deployment directly impacts revenue. CoreSite's premium facilities enable rapid build outs of custom-configured racks and cages, eliminating delays in installing cabinets and upgrading power supplies. By reducing time to market from months to days or weeks, CoreSite helped Voxility realize a 40% increase in U.S.-based revenue.

Opex Reduction of 30% Enabled by Flexible Pricing Model

During the first year of collaboration, CoreSite's flexible pricing model helped Voxility achieve a 30% OpEx reduction. By leveraging CoreSite's experienced team to manage and maintain rolling out new cabinets and power, Voxility can remain focused on meeting customer expectations and implementing revenue-generating initiatives.

“Many data centers feel exclusive like a country club because they often cater to just a handful of specialty industries or small groups of enterprise companies. CoreSite has built a true peering ecosystem comprising a unique mix of IP traffic from different industries.”
Maria Sirbu
VP of Business Development at Voxility

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