Remote Hands Support

24/7 access to highly-trained operations technicians on-site at our data centers.

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A Helping Hand When You Need It

CoreSite offers a colocation Remote Hands services to our customers in order to resolve a multitude of emergency and routine technical tasks. By partially outsourcing the installation, operation and management of a deployment to the expert technicians within a CoreSite facility, customers can focus on other important aspects of their business.

We’re On-Site When You Can’t Be

When your IT staff is not located near your CoreSite deployment, tasks such as recycling device power, verifying power status or reconnecting equipment are difficult to accomplish on the fly. CoreSite's Remote Hands service performs these simple tasks for our customers so they don’t have to spend precious travel time and budgets on flipping a switch.

Outsource Your Tasks

CoreSite’s Remote Hands support may be relied on for a variety of tasks, as requested by the customer. Below is a list of the most commonly requested activities:

Cabling and Wiring

Functions performed include cross connect termination and moving, securing or dressing existing cabling.

Physical Labor

Tasks such as racking and stacking equipment, moving or discarding boxes or equipment, and basic cleaning of customer space can be done.

Basic Device Management

Remote Hands staff can verify device physical status, swap modular equipment, plug-in serial cables and more.

Shipping and Receiving

Packing, labeling, unpacking and inventory of boxes and equipment can be performed by Remote Hands staff.


Functions ranging from basic circuit testing and diagnostics to advanced circuit migrations in coordination with carriers/ISPs are available.

Media Management

Simple tasks such as swapping of tapes, storage media or removable media can be easily accomplished by Remote Hands staff.

Inventory Auditing

Full or partial deployment audits, device labeling, photographing space or equipment and cross connect tracing can be performed.

Escorted Access

Vendors and consultants can be escorted to and from a customer’s space, and observed while they are working within the space.

Dedicated to Your Business

See how CoreSite helps you meet your IT goals to support your entire organization.

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"While we’re busy managing our customers’ operations, CoreSite is looking after ours. CoreSite’s Remote Hands have helped us accomplish a number of high-priority infrastructure deployments and administrative tasks we simply couldn't do on our own."

Ron Offer, CEO, Integrity Virtual IT, Inc.

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