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Accelerating Wireless and Wireline Network Convergence

5G might serve well as a metaphor for the times we are in – everything is moving faster. The network is 10X faster than 4G. So is the rate of adoption. A recent GSM report projects that 5G networks will reach 1 billion users this year – just three-and-a-half years after initial launch – compared with the four years for 4G and the 12 years for 3G it respectively took to reach that milestone. Approximately 70 countries had 5G networks as of June 2022, up from just 38 in mid-2020. 

In a previous blog post, we talked about CoreSite becoming an American Tower company, and how the acquisition will help accelerate our growth and leadership in the 5G digital ecosystem. 

Today, thanks to the combined knowledge, resources and capabilities of the combined companies, we are helping accelerate wireless and wireline network convergence. In our new white paper, Accelerating Wireless-Wireline Convergence: Enabling the Metaverse, Omniverse and Future Digital Infrastructure, we discuss going beyond the promise of 5G as wireless/wireline network convergence evolves.

You’ll notice that we say, “helping.” In addition to CoreSite (in our role as a data center provider) and American Tower (as a wireless infrastructure provider), network operators, governments and regulators, and organizations such as LF Edge all need to collaborate to keep the “flywheel effect” in motion.

Approximately 70 countries had 5G networks as of June 2022, up from just 38 in mid-2020. (source)

Building the Infrastructure for Tomorrow, Today

We briefly cover stakeholders’ shared commitment to transforming the digital infrastructure in the white paper. However, we go much deeper into the value proposition for enabling end-to-end, data distributed networks and our blueprint for building the infrastructure of tomorrow, today. More specifically, the white paper addresses:

  • Tomorrow’s infrastructure – What does the converged network infrastructure look like? 
  • Use cases – Examples to ground the discussion in attainable, proof-of-concept applications. 
  • The wireless infrastructure provider’s role – Towers are the starting point. From edge data centers to evolving industry regulations, how can wireless infrastructure providers facilitate digital infrastructure evolution?
  • The data center provider’s role – How will colocation providers help create the network enabling the metaverse and other latency-sensitive services?

Download the white paper and learn how we are building the interconnected fabric of tomorrow.

‍A Read Well Worth Your Time

We hope what we have outlined compels you to read the first CoreSite/American Tower co-authored white paper, which we offer without asking for any contact information. 

In light of the pace of life today, we won’t take any more of your time – so you can dedicate a little of it to learning about CoreSite and American Tower’s vision, value proposition and strategy for building edge-to-core, hyperconnected distributed networks.

The CoreSite Team
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