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CoreSite Doubles Down on Digitizing and Innovating Customer Experience

You invest a lot of time, money and people into your data center infrastructure. It’s critical to get the competitive advantages you expect from that investment – a digitized, innovative customer experience, reduced total cost of operation and fast time to market.

CoreSite just made reaching those business and customer experience objectives much easier for you. MyCoreSite, our software-defined service delivery platform, has been enhanced to give you better-than-ever visibility and control of data center systems, equipment and services. We’ve centralized access to the Open Cloud Exchange® and CoreINSITE® through MyCoreSite, enabling secure, fast interconnection to public clouds and an ecosystem of services, as well as near-time reporting on infrastructure environmental data. 

We’ve made investments over the last year in the following areas:

  • Increased visibility of cases needing your attention with a new “Action Required” carousel
  • Modernized navigation to improve usability and reduce management time
  • Integrated design enhancements that highlight and accelerate individual navigation paths
  • Improved reporting functionality by enabling download capabilities

1. The primary navigation bar has moved from the top of the site to the left side of the screen 

2. Contrasting font color highlights your location on the site

3. CoreINSITE, our one-stop location for power and environmental data, is prominently l

4. Located and easily accessible from the home page

5. Log out and profile changes are accommodated by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the home page

6. Cases that require your action are conveniently located on the ‘Action Required’ carousel of your home page

‍Account administrators will welcome the robust user permissions functionality. Once an account is established, administrators can fully manage access to MyCoreSite, customize the areas of access users see and modify preferences for any user – including resellers. 

Physical access permissions also are managed through this window into the platform. Both short- and long-term access privileges are configurable. Security access logs document data center visits, with historical tracking and reporting capabilities reaching back 365 days.  

‍Automation and Control Saving Time and Reducing Total Cost of Operation

Today’s IT teams are stretched to the limit. Automated services are essential to orchestrating increasingly complex cloud, network and application deployments. 

That’s one reason why we provide easy access through the Open Cloud Exchange (OCX) to your infrastructure stack on the MyCoreSite service delivery platform. The OCX provides carrier-class, automated interconnection services to public clouds and multiple service providers. In a single click, you can dynamically configure port and ethernet virtual connection (EVC) bandwidth requirements from 50 Mbps to 100 Gbps. 

Other potential advantages of rolling OCX access into MyCoreSite include increased business agility, reduced total cost of operation, accelerated time to market and expanded market reach. The members of our exchange ecosystem – enterprises, networks, services and cloud providers – can order and manage B2B interconnections on-demand, through a single port.

‍Near Real-time Visibility of Power Utilization and Environmental Conditions

Modernized IT requires the ability to monitor power and data center environments. CoreINSITE, another service accessed through our platform, gives you extensive visibility into your data center deployment environment and power consumption. In addition to near real-time visibility into power utilization and environmental conditions, features include:

  • Intuitive access to CoreINSITE’s information
  • Graphical representation of power and environmental data
  • Ability to export information as .csv file

Where You Put Your Infrastructure Matters

Let’s say you just spent a sizable amount of money on a high-performance vehicle, like a Jaguar, Porsche or (if you really go large) Lamborghini. It’s not only to get from point “a” to point “b”. It’s also to experience a machine that delivers exceptional performance and control of every system in the vehicle, with passenger safety as a top priority. 

MyCoreSite puts you in the driver’s seat of your hybrid IT solution, powered by CoreSite data centers and tuned for speed and security. After all, you are not trying to just move your business from point “a” to point “b”, you are investing in your infrastructure so you can create best-in-class winning customer experiences. 

Get in touch with us to see for yourself the innovation we have built into our service delivery platform. We’d love to take you on a test drive!

Aleks Krusko | Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Digitization
Aleks Krusko is responsible for the execution of CoreSite’s digital strategies through technology, automation and business transformation. She leads the IT Solutions Delivery and IT Operations teams, including software development, system support, information security and business intelligence. Aleks joined CoreSite in 2008.