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It’s Time to Evaluate Your Data Center Provider and Set Goals for 2023…and Beyond

Many people are preparing for an end-of-year job performance evaluation as the fourth quarter rolls around. Did you meet all your goals? Knock key performance indicators out of the park? Is there room for improvement? 

How about your data center provider? Even if the contract isn’t up for renewal, it’s wise to periodically assess your relationship, especially if you get the impression that they have “quiet quit” when it comes to keeping pace with changing digital business demands.

We’ve developed an interactive quiz to help you evaluate and grade (A through D) your data center provider’s performance. By answering 12 questions about critical capabilities such as compliance, network density, power systems and scalability, you can start thinking through whether they are still the best choice for your evolving needs – or if it’s time to issue an RFP.

Making Sense of the Data Center Evaluation Grade

Once you’ve completed the evaluation, let us help you decipher what the “grades” can mean for your business.

A – Great news! Your data center provider is meeting and perhaps exceeding expectations. Maybe you uncovered a few ways your data center partner could set some “stretch goals.”

B – Good for your business! With some feedback garnered from your evaluation, you can collaborate with your data center provider to go from good to great.

C – While your data center provider is passing muster, there seems to be room for improvement. Leveraging some key takeaways from your evaluation, you can work with your data center partner on where to focus improvements and enhance performance.

D – Maybe it’s time for a change. We all know where you put your infrastructure matters. Looking for a new data center provider may help you find the right IT partner.

We Are Ready for Your Evaluation

You trust your data center provider to be a catalyst for business growth and improved efficiencies, so it’s vital that they keep expanding their reach, develop new capabilities and enhance the solutions you count on to make your hybrid IT life easier. If they earned a low grade in the quiz, they probably are not pushing themselves to anticipate what your business needs to thrive and be ready for the future.

If you asked CoreSite to offer an annual evaluation, we would include that this year we:

  • Expanded into the rapidly growing Atlanta and Orlando data center markets
  • Broke ground on SV9, which will soon add a 34 critical megawatt, 200,000 square foot data center to our Silicon Valley campus
  • Launched a new product enabling 100G inter-market interconnection in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Denver, Northern Virginia and the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Completely redesigned MyCoreSite, our customer service platform, including CoreINSITE® data center intelligence to deliver near real-time reporting of data center environmental data, power consumption and circuit data as well as temperature and humidity readings
  • Enhanced the Open Cloud Exchange®, enabling direct cloud-to-cloud communication capabilities on CoreSite’s fully managed virtual router and further simplifying automated networking services for private and public cloud interconnection

There’s more. However, instead of going on about recent accomplishments, we invite you to evaluate a CoreSite data center near you with an in-person data center tour

If you are not ready to take that step, contact us virtually or call 866.777.CORE to discuss your Data Center Provider Quiz results – and put us to the test.

The CoreSite Team
Combining expertise, research and thought leadership to inform and advance hybrid IT.