Enterprise class data center campus and connectivity in downtown Chicago

427 S LaSalle St, Chicago, IL 60605

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The interconnection hub to support your digital future in the heart of downtown Chicago

CoreSite’s Chicago data center campus is strategically located in downtown Chicago, adjacent to the Board of Trade. In addition to several clouds and networks available within the campus, this centralized location provides exceptionally low-latency access to businesses, end users, and interconnection destinations in the market.

Room to Grow

Whether you need a single rack or a private suite, our Chicago campus offers ample capacity for customers to cost-effectively expand their infrastructure requirements and connectivity to major cloud and network providers, all in the heart of downtown.

Managed Professional Services

Whether you need assistance building a hybrid cloud roadmap, or require move and migration services, our partnerships provide a seamless platform for you to build a holistic IT architecture.

Network Density

As the second most interconnected building in Chicago, CoreSite offers access to your choice of 40+ networks, spanning everything from global carriers to metro networks and SDN providers.

Driving Digital Transformation for the Financial Services Sector

Centrally located in the financial district, CoreSite’s compliant data center solutions provide ultra-low latency access to trading hubs and interconnection destinations, while still offering room to cost-effectively scale and access providers on-site. This enables financial services organizations to embrace new technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain and smart objects, while offloading management of IT infrastructure in a future-ready facility.

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  CH1   CH2
Facility Size 178,000+ total sq. ft.   169,000+ total sq. ft.
Deployments Cabinets, cages and private suites, rooftop space available
Fit Out Turn-key
Power Availability AC and DC
  CH1   CH2
Peering Exchanges Any2Exchange® for Internet peering and AMS-IX Chicago and United IX Chicago
Diversity Diverse POEs, MDFs and IDFs
Carrier Availability See our carrier list
Cloud Access The CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange®, AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM Cloud Direct Link
Cross Connects Fiber, copper and coaxial
  CH1   CH2
Access Key cards, biometric scanners and controlled site access
Entries Controlled data center access   Mantrap
Cameras Perimeter and interior IP-DVR
Security Officers 24/7/365 in-house and on-site security qualified personnel
  CH1   CH2
Utilities Three diverse underground utility feeds from ComEd’s high-reliability downtown electrical grid
Generators N+1 redundancy   N+2 redundancy
Operations 24/7/365 remote hands
Uptime 100% uptime SLA
Fuel Storage Up to 36 hours, on-site   24 hours
Water Storage   12 hours, on-site
UPS/PDU/RPP N, N+1, 2N redundancy   UPS: N+1 distributed redundant, PDU/RPP 2N
Mechanical N+1 redundancy on chillers
  CRAHs and chilled water pumps   N+2, CRAHs and N+1 chilled water pumping
BMS Controls State-of-the-art mission-critical controls and monitoring
  CH1   CH2
Floor Loading Up to 312 lbs./sq. ft.   Slab loading: 175 lbs/sq.ft
Raised floor loading: 1250 lbs per tile
Clear Height Typically 8'6" above 24" raised floor   11' above 36" raised floor
Elevators Passenger: 5'w x 4'd x 9'h (2,000 lbs.)
Freight: 11'w x 7'd x 9'h (6,000 lbs.)
  Passenger: 5'w x 9'd x 9'h (5,200 lbs.)
Freight: 7'w x 13'd x 9'h (10,000 lbs.)
Loading DocK Sheltered exterior
  3' high dock, equipped with forklift   4' high dock with leveler
Hardened Exterior Roof designed to withstand 125 MPH wind   Building designed to withstand 75 MPH wind
Column Spacing 20' x 26'   33' x 42'
  CH1   CH2
HIPAA HIPAA compliant  
ISO ISO 27001 compliant  
PCI PCI DSS compliant  
SOC SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant  
  CH1   CH2
Work space Office space and conference rooms  
Tech Lounge 24/7/365 tech lounge with kitchen, televisions and couches  
  CH1   CH2
Cooling Variable speed CRAHs with humidification control
Chiller Chilled water with evaporative condensing units and chillers for air and water-side economization   Magnetic bearing chillers with water side economization
Electrical High-efficiency UPS systems
Life Safety Dual-interlock pre-action dry-pipe sprinkler system
Lighting Lutron Eco-System lighting  
Monitoring RF Code readers for pin-point accuracy of temperature and humidity within customer deployments

“The relationship with CoreSite has changed our scale exponentially. We’ve gone from being a relatively small managed services provider to being scalable. We’ve been able to deliver on significantly more and larger projects.”

David Gordon, President, STIGroup

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