Google Cloud Platform

CoreSite provides a secure, high-performance, enterprise-grade connection into Google Cloud Platform.

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Enterprise-Grade Connection to a Suite of Cloud Services

Direct peering with Google through the CoreSite Any2Exchange® for Internet peering allows enterprises to connect into Google Cloud Platform within CoreSite’s data centers via high-performance, enterprise-grade interconnection services. Whether you require a low-latency, secure, SLA-backed alternative to your current Internet connection, or you are unable to meet Google at your current peering location, CoreSite can provide a solution to address your needs.

Google Cloud Platform is available via the CoreSite Any2Exchange for Internet peering in Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles. Additionally, customers can access the platform in all of our markets through our network-rich ecosystem of providers as well as through inter-site connectivity in select markets.

Google Cloud Platform and CoreSite

Data intensive services and latency sensitive applications will significantly benefit by directly peering to Google Cloud Platform through CoreSite’s Any2Exchange for Internet peering. Direct peering creates faster, more direct data flows with fewer network hops, and increases route diversity to improve routing efficiencies and fault tolerance. In addition to improving performance, security and availability, you will save up to 50% on Google Cloud Platform egress pricing through direct peering.

Uses for Google Cloud Platform

Hybrid Cloud Amplified

CoreSite provides a secure, high-performance environment for critical systems and applications with direct access to Google Cloud Platform. Avoid costly network builds and unpredictable internet performance by connecting your existing network directly to Google Cloud Platform.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Google Cloud Platform allows enterprises to build robust, scalable applications affordably through industry-first pricing mechanisms that allow for sub-hour billing increments, Additionally, direct peering may offer up to 50% reduced egress pricing.

Refocus on Core Business

Direct peering to Google Cloud Platform not only reduces latency, it reduces complexity too. Offload the burden of infrastructure management, server provisioning, and network configuration and refocus on core business innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access Google Cloud Platform?
Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles: Google Cloud Platform is accessible directly through CoreSite's Any2Exchange over a variety of speeds, including 1Gbps, 10Gbps and 100 Gbps.

Silicon Valley: Access Google Cloud platform through inter-site connectivity to our Los Angeles campus.

Boston, Miami, New York, Northern Virginia: Our network-rich ecosystem can connect Enterprises to Google's suite of cloud services.

What are the benefits of connecting via CoreSite?
Connecting your business network directly to Google Cloud Platform through the CoreSite Any2Exchange provides faster, more direct data flows with fewer network hops than connecting over the public internet. Benefit from the security and reliability of a private WAN, but with higher performance, and reduced costs and complexity. Any2 is the second largest Internet exchange in the United States and the largest Internet exchange on the West Coast.

What is direct peering with Google Cloud Platform?
Direct peering with Google Cloud Platform allows you to exchange internet traffic between your business network and one of Google’s broad-reaching Edge network locations. This is achieved through exchanging BGP routes between Google and CoreSite’s Any2Exchange for Internet peering.

Visit Google's peering site to find out more information about edge locations.

What services are available by directly peering to Google Cloud Platform?
After a direct peering connection is in place, you can access all of Google's services including the full suite of Google Cloud Platform products.

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