Google Cloud Interconnect

Low-latency, point-to-point connections for reliable, high-performance connectivity into Google Cloud Platform.

Low-latency, point-to-point connections for reliable, high-performance connectivity into Google Cloud Platform.

High-Performance Network Connectivity

Growing businesses demand more capacity, flexibility, and reliability. Google Cloud Platform’s Dedicated Interconnect provides all of them, enabling your business to scale quickly and easily to meet even the most demanding data needs. Bypass public internet with direct, point-to-point connections of up to 80 Gbps for superior performance, reliability, and predictability — all supported by Google’s industry leading availability and uptime guarantees.

Google Cloud Platform and CoreSite

Google Cloud Interconnect - Dedicated Interconnect provides direct physical connections between your on-premise networks at CoreSite’s colocation facilities and Google’s global network backbone to enable faster, more reliable, and more cost-effective data transfer than the public internet. Direction connections between 10Gbps and 80Gbps with end-to-end service level guarantees to Google Cloud are available at CoreSite’s Denver and Los Angeles campuses.

Google Cloud Platform

Uses for Google Cloud Platform

Simplify hybrid IT deployments

Connecting your on-premises workloads to cloud resources seamlessly unlocks the potential of hybrid app development and all the benefits the cloud has to offer with minimum latency and maximum reliability.

Achieve global scale

Extend your reach and grow your business by tapping into global routing capabilities for connectivity to any region, around the globe, from one connection.

Maximize performance

Reduce potential points of failure for disruption with end-to-end SLAs of 99.99% uptime to ensure every app, network, and system is available and performing at its peak capacity.

Frequently asked questions

What is Google Cloud Platform Dedicated Interconnect?

Google Cloud Interconnect - Dedicated (Dedicated Interconnect) provides direct physical connections between your on-premises network and Google’s network

What connections are supported by Dedicated Interconnect?

Connection capacity is delivered over one or more 10 Gbps Ethernet circuits, with a maximum of eight circuits (80 Gbps maximum per Dedicated Interconnect connection).

Where can I access Dedicated Interconnect?

Dedicated Interconnect is available in CoreSite’s Denver and Los Angeles data centers campuses.

Are there specific setup or configuration requirements?

Google Cloud Platform requires routing equipment in a colocation facility that supports the regions that you want to connect to and you must configure BGP on your on-premises routers and cloud routers.

What services are available with Dedicated Interconnect?

After a Dedicated Interconnect is in place, you can access all of Google's services including the full suite of Google Cloud Platform products

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