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Real-World Outcomes: Customer Stories in Cloud, Data Storage, Cybersecurity and Colocation


Cloud storage at one-fifth the usual cost. AI-powered, incredible cybersecurity. Outstanding customer experiences. This “customer story round-up” shows how you can cut costs, reduce risk and inspire repeat business with data center solutions customized for your business and industry.

Backblaze Provides Cloud Data Storage and Replication
at 1/5th of the Cost of Legacy Cloud Providers

Yahoo reports a MarketsandMarkets study that projects cloud storage to grow at a compound annual rate of 18.8% between 2023 and 2028.1 While, cloud data storage offers many advantages, compliance and latency can be challenges. And, as many companies have experienced, overall cloud costs can be excessive and unpredictable.

Backblaze company logo.

The Backblaze Storage Cloud provides a foundation to build applications, host content, manage media, back up and archive data, and more. 

Backblaze offers a cloud platform that significantly cuts time and expense for its customers to build applications, host content, manage media, and back up and archive data. The company wanted to grow its services while strengthening data performance and data protection.

The CoreSite Reston, VA (VA2) data center provides Backblaze with scalable capacity, native cloud onramps, on-net carriers, robust security and seamless integration to Backblaze’s network as well as public cloud partners. A big plus: Backblaze customers can replicate their data from hyperscale cloud providers, including AWS and its Amazon S3 platform, to the Backblaze platform with no egress fees.

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“We are committed to making cloud storage and replication easy for our customers. CoreSite serves as a partner in this mission, helping us move forward and achieve the powerful results we want. There is a trust and camaraderie to the relationship.”

Chris Opat, Senior Vice President of Cloud Operations, Backblaze


Seceon’s Real-Time Cyber Threat Detection Platform Leverages
AI and ML to Reduce Risk and Improve Security

AI has become a big part of the cybersecurity conversation. According to Acumen Research, the AI-in-cybersecurity market will grow at a rate of 27.8% between 2022 and 2030.2

Seceon company logo.

Seceon’s Open Threat Management (OTM) platform leverages AL and ML to augment and automate MSP and MSSP security services.

As the use of AI increases, so does the amount of data to be transported and analyzed. Data comes from myriad sources such as logs, identity management solutions, networks, endpoints, clouds and applications. AI analysis for cybersecurity requires intense, always-on compute power in compliant data centers. Downtime in the midst of hot threat pursuits is a non-starter when the goal is real-time security insights.

Seceon supports managed service providers (MSPs) and managed security services providers (MSSPs). They rely on Seceon’s platform to reduce security complexity and threat risks for their businesses and for more than 7,500 SMBs and enterprise customers. Within the next year, Seceon expects to ingest 1.5 trillion cyber events.

CoreSite’s Boston (BO1) data center provides the scalable space and power Seceon needs to continually process data, share real-time alerts and mitigate threats without disruption. The redundancy and network diversity ensures availability, and certificates of compliance help MSPs and MSSPs meet regulatory requirements.

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"When you are dealing with continuous cyber threats in today’s cybersecurity landscape, downtime is unacceptable. Any interruption means our platform cannot collect and analyze the telemetry that supports threat detection and mitigation. CoreSite provides a secure, reliable environment that supports this critical work. They are a trusted partner in our business.”

Chandra Pandey, Founder and CEO, Seceon


Holiday Builders Transforms Customer Experience

A home building project team needs to collaborate seamlessly, communicate with customers and keep plans, contracts, invoices and other documentation moving smoothly. Unpredictable weather can affect enterprise data center performance and reliability. Like other sources, says future weather extremes are likely.3

Backblaze company logo.

Holiday Builders operates online and in 50 remote offices. Today, there are more than 40,000 homeowners in the Holiday Builders family.

Holiday Builders' on-premises data center lacked the redundancies and protections necessary to withstand Florida’s unpredictable weather. It partnered with CoreSite, deploying a single cabinet in our Orlando (OR1) facility to host several hypervisors and virtual machines (VMs) that enable its business-critical services including ERP applications, telephony and public-facing applications. The solution IT strategy includes integrating their private cloud with Microsoft 365 public cloud services and supports load-balancing and failover services that replicate its core network and software components. With the ability to alternate on-premises resources and cloud backup services, Holiday Builders has a solution that meets its business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) needs.

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 “CoreSite provides unparalleled local colocation with several layers of redundancies to ensure our IT infrastructure is always available, so we can provide our customers with a first-rate homebuilding experience.”

Marc Littleton, Vice President of Technology, Holiday Builders


Oxide Enables Enterprises to Deploy Hyperscale-Grade
Cloud Infrastructure On-Premises and in Colocation

Cloud computing offers benefits such as efficient operations, faster time to market and the ability to adjust quickly to changing conditions. No wonder cloud computing is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.2% from 2024 to 2030, according to Grandview Research.4 A key to the success of hyperscale public cloud providers is the type of infrastructure they use. It’s designed at the rack- and data center-level, not the machine level, to deliver density and energy efficiency. Enterprises have access only to commodity data center gear that isn’t up to hyperscale cloud computing standards.

Backblaze company logo.

Oxide Computer Company is the creator of the world’s first commercial Cloud Computer, a rack-scale system built to deliver hyperscale cloud computing to on-premises and colocation data centers.

While the public cloud providers’ service-based, rent-only model works, it also leads to high monthly cloud bills. And as many organizations are discovering, not all applications are suited to public cloud. Some applications, for security and/or compliance reasons, are better off on-premises or in colocation.

Oxide created the world’s first commercial cloud computer. It’s a true rack-scale system that unifies hardware and software. It’s built to deliver hyperscale cloud computing, observability and self-service development – all without public cloud costs. Enterprises can deploy their software on top of Oxide’s solution to expand beyond public cloud.

By colocating in CoreSite’s Silicon Valley data center , (SV2), Oxide can conduct product demonstrations to showcase the power and potential of its system, which is 35%+ more efficient than a traditional rack equipped with AC power supplies in each server. SV2’s N+1 power and mechanical redundancies, 24x7x365 operational support and physical security provide reliability. Multiple layers of security meet compliance standards and regulations. Via CoreSite’s digital ecosystem, Oxide can access hundreds of cloud, network and IT providers as well as enterprises.

Get the full case study here.

"CoreSite and Oxide share the vision that the world is not going to be strictly a public cloud computing world, and customers should not have to sacrifice the advantages of cloud when choosing to own their compute. The Oxide-CoreSite relationship enables enterprises to now benefit from the capabilities of cloud computing everywhere, without compromising on the cost and control they require."

Steve Tuck, Founder and CEO, Oxide Computer Company


Expect Colocation to Become a Larger Part of IT Modernization

We can’t thank our customers enough for trusting us to be their infrastructure partner, and for allowing us to share their story. And we’re proud of our data center operations technicians and their daily (and nightly) commitment to delivering the outcomes our customers need and expect.

As we've seen in our annual State of the Data Center report, colocation steadily grows as a catalyst for IT modernization.

To learn more about us and the ways we can help your organization be future-ready, visit and download the “Why CoreSite” brochure.



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